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Why Buy Land?

There are many great reasons to invest in land. Many of our customers want land because they are tired of paying rent, are looking for a place to call their own or want a weekend getaway. However, the top reason that you can and should buy land is as an investment. Plus you can still use your lot for recreational purposes even as it builds value over time. Here are some reasons to invest in land:

1. It is a finite resource

There is only so much land in the world. They are not creating anymore of it. When you buy something that has a limited availability, it is much easier to control the value of it and see the value go up over time.

2. It can't be taken or destroyed

Stocks can disappear if a company goes bankrupt. A house can be destroyed by a storm. Jewelry can be stolen. All of these are common assets that people rely on for investments. However, unlike other assets, you can't destroy or lose your land.

3. It is inexpensive to own

Unlike a house, land is much more inexpensive to own. With a house, the purchase price is usually high to begin with and then once you own the house you have to spend money year after year on maintenance. With land, it costs less to purchase and MUCH less to maintain.

4. It is perfect for a long-term (or short-term) investment

Land is a smart buy to hold over the long term. It goes up in value overtime as more and more people and businesses want land to buy. That said, we have customers who buy and flip land in the short term by doing minor improvements or finding cheap land and flipping it for a profit.

5. It is easy to purchase

When you buy a house or a car or any other large asset, you need to do a lot of research, check out the asset in person and go through all kinds of hoops to buy it. With land, it is WAY easier. In fact, you can do the entire process online without even stepping foot on the property you want to buy or meeting with agents in person.

6. It gives you FREEDOM

One of the absolute best things about buying land is that is a flexible asset that gives you tons of possibilities and freedom. You can choose to hold it and do nothing. You can make it into a weekend getaway or an ATV course. You can do minor improvements and flip it. You can start a business on your lot. The possibilities are endless and the freedom it gives you as an investment is priceless.

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