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Own land for just $301 down and monthly payments as low as $200/month! Pay online with a credit card. No Credit Check!

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Common Questions & Concerns

1. How do I know this is not a scam?
> Many potential customers worry that these land deals are just too good to be true. We understand that buying things online requires trust in a company. You can see reviews from past customers on our website and Facebook or visit our Better Business Bureau profile showing that we are an accredited business.

All of the land for sale on our website are properties that we own. One way many customers check this is by looking the ownership recorded with the county. However, sometimes the county takes several months to show an update in ownership. Often we buy properties and then post them for sale a few weeks later. If the ownership of a property is not updated yet with the county, you can also ask us to see the deed for the property that will show that we are the owner.

When you purchase a property with a payment plan we will send you a legal document outlining the terms of the agreement. This is legally binding and helps protect you and us.

2. Is this real?
> Another question we often get asked is whether these land prices and payment plans are real. The short answer is yes. In many ways we are changing the way that land is purchased and sold. Our founders learned about the land market several years ago and instantly saw opporutnity in the space to make land ownership accessible to more people.

Unlike buying a house and getting a mortgage, we don't require a credit check. All we ask for is a credit card and your legal name plus some contact information. You don't even need to show us some form of identification. The entire buying process is 100% online.

We believe that land ownership should be possible for anyone. And we want to help people who might not have the best credit or who might not have had the opportunity to invest in financial assets.

If you aren't able to continue your payment plan for some reason, there is no penalty to you. Plus we will even credit the money you paid towards another property in the future. We also allow customers to switch or change lots if they find something else they are more interested in.

3. How does this actually work?
> If you are interested in purchasing land from us the process is fairly simple. You can fill out a form on our website or give us a call to work with a sales person directly and get personalized information about properties for sale.

You can also use our interactive map to search and filter our available inventory and find exactly what you are looking for. Once you find the property you want to buy, you can checkout on our website.

Every property will have a "cash" price which is a discounted amount that you pay if you pay for the whole thing upfront. Additionally, most properties are available to buy on a payment plan. Often we have 2-3 options for monthly payments and if you don't see something that fits your needs, you can talk to a sales agent about customizing a plan for your budget.

Once you have chosen the plan or the cash price, you can just click the button to buy now on the property page. That will take you to the checkout where you will enter your credit card and contact information. After your purchase is confirmed, our team will start creating the payment plan contract for you or the purchase agreement if you are paying one lump sum. You should receive those documents in 24-48 business hours.

Once you have signed your contract, the property is yours to start using as you wish (following any rules and regulations that the county might have). After your down payment, your first monthly payment is not due for 30 days. Once you have finished paying off your property, we will contact you to setup transferring the deed to your name. At anytime while you are making monthly payments, you can make a larger payment and get a discount off the total payment plan price.