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Start Your Own Cattle Farm: Follow These Essential Steps

For those who are enthusiastic about farming and animal husbandry, cattle ranching may be a fulfilling and lucrative venture. Several advantages come with it, including a consistent source of income,…

A man practicing Subsistence Farming

What Is Subsistence Farming and How Much Land Does It Need?

Traditional agriculture, also known as subsistence farming, entails raising livestock and growing crops for a family or small community’s exclusive use in supplying food and other necessities. Subsistence farmers frequently…

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How Many Acres of Land Can an Average American Afford?

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Shopping for Hunting Lots for Sale Near Me: Top Things to Consider

Nowadays, hunting is more of a leisure pastime than a survival skill. But don’t get it twisted, it’s still highly common and a way of life for many people. If…

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Buying Land to Build a House: The Ultimate Guide

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Unlock the 5 Secrets to Landing Affordable Housing 

According to recent data, household income prevents a quarter of Americans to purchase a home priced at $250,000. Yet, home prices have climbed over 42% just in the last decade,…

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Protect Your Money: Get It Out of Banks and Into Assets Like Land

Since money plays a key role in our lives, its security must be guaranteed. One promising option is investing in tangible assets like land.  Unlike traditional banking products, land investments…

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Does Land Ever Lose Value?

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What Is Unimproved Land?

Here is a hack to real estate that almost no one knows about. Did you know that you can purchase unimproved property for a fraction of the price of developed…