Terms and Conditions

Cancel Anytime with No Penalty Guarantee – Should you be unable to continue making rental payments for any reason, you shall not be responsible for the term or balance owed on the rent-to-own contract.  Discount Lots will retain any payments already made and will take no action to recover any additional payments. Discount Lots further guarantees that we will make no negative entries on your credit file.

Refund Policy- In the event that you are purchasing land outright, Buyer is not entitled to a full refund.

For renters, you are not entitled to a full refund of any deposits or documentation fees.

In the event of default and failure to cure, the Buyer will forfeit all payments made as liquidated damages and any improvements made to the property that cannot be removed without causing damage.  In this event, renters will not be responsible for the balance owed on the rent to own contract.

Shipping / Delivery Property – Once a rent to own contract is signed or a deed is transferred to Buyer, you (the Buyer or the renter) have the right to start using and improving the property according to all applicable regulatory guidelines. If you have a rent-to-own contract they able to use the property subject to the rent-to-own contract guidelines.