Cheapest Places to Buy Land in the United States

Buy Land in the United States

When it comes to money, we can all probably agree that it is nice to save it. With that being said, if you are looking to buy land then you want to look for the biggest bang for your buck. In the United States, there are lots of places that offer land acreage for pretty cheap, but that all depends on what you are looking to use your land for.

Are you looking to farm? What about building on your land? Maybe you are even looking for land to hunt on. If the land is at a great price, then who cares what you do with it!

It is important to know the type of vacant land you are looking for, you do not want to buy land for building purposes and then not be able to build on it. What a bummer that would be! So, in this article today, we have decided we are going to try to make life a little bit easier for all of you, because everyone loves a good deal, right? Below, we will do our best to outline the cheapest options to buy land in the United States for farming, building, and hunting.

Cheapest Places to Buy Land in the United States for Farming Purposes

When it comes to buying land, a lot of people want to use their land for farming purposes. It is probably the most popular option. Below we will give you some ideas on where you can purchase the cheapest land for farming here in the United States. When you are looking for farmland, you are most likely trying to have land that will produce enough to pay itself off and continue to make a profit. Here are some options:

  1. West-Central Texas: If you are searching for land that is clay and sandy with less rainfall and that you can grow wheat and hay on, then this area is a fantastic one for you to buy undeveloped land. You can also have areas here with pasture for animals! Specifically, Snyder City, Hermleigh City, and Fluvanna City are where you want to look for your vacant land. You will find similar land in some surrounding areas of these cities as well. In these areas, you can purchase land for as low as $600 per acre. And just for a little more detail, that is $50 an acre for an annual land payment. What a deal!
  2. Northern Missouri: Coming in at number two of cheapest farmland in the United States, you are looking at silt soil, clay and sand terrain with lesser rainfall. This type of agricultural .land is great for pasture and hay! In Northern Missouri, we start at a pretty low price of $1,400 per acre of land and an annual land payment of $118 per acre. The best cities for searching are: Milan, Green City, Greencastle, Newtown, Pollock, Harris, Humphreys, and Osgood.
  3. South Georgia: Let’s travel a little more south for number three! In southern Georgia, you will be looking at sloping and sand soil. This type of soil is great for corn, cotton, peanuts, and soybeans. Those crops can have a great potential for profit. If you are interested, definitely take a look. The price we are looking at in this area is $3500 per acre of land with an annual land payment of $285 per acre. Now let’s list some cities you will want to search for land in: Moultrie, Norman Park, Doerun, Berlin, Ellenton, Funston, and Riverside.

Cheapest Places to Buy Land in the United States for Residential Building Purposes

A lot of you may be looking for undeveloped land to build a home on. In this case, you will most likely be looking in areas with a great community of people, a friendly town, and plenty of fun activities. Sometimes people find that hard to find.

We also know that it can be hard to make a decision on what you think is best when there are other factors involved, like family. Either way, cheap residential land can help you pursue your dream of building without completely wiping out your wallet. That sounds pretty great, huh?

  1. Arkansas: A great place to look to build if you love parks and wildlife. This natural state has great lakes, rivers, and even hot springs. Talk about relaxing. This may be perfect for you and your family. Prices start around $3000 per acre, which is a great price!
  2. West Virginia: Country roads, take me home to a cheap place to buy vacant land! West Virginia could be a great place for you to build a home, whether it’s for vacation or to live on full time. Prices start around $4000 – $5000 per acre of land. The more you look at the scenery, the more you will fall in love.
  3. Tennessee: Last, but certainly not least, Tennessee has a variety of landscapes with water surrounding them and plenty of activities! Take a look, you will be pleasantly surprised. The prices in Tennessee start at around $6000 per acre for residential land.

Cheapest Places to Buy Land in the United States for Hunting Purposes

All the hunters, please raise your hands! Public land hunting got you down? Too much competition? Maybe it is time to start looking to buy your own private hunting land. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well with a great price, your dreams may just come true. We are going to take a look at the regions that will give you the best bang for your buck. Or should we say buck for your buck?  

  1. Southwest: Oklahoma and Texas come in at the cheapest places to buy land for hunting in the United States. The wild game you are looking at here is simply everything. Located in the heart of the central fly way, the migratory game birds here are world class and there is no shortage of big game for all those deer hunters out there. You are looking at just $1700 per acre. Wow!
  2. North: Minnesota and Wisconsin are great and cheap places to buy land for hunting in the north. Waterfowl is superb and you will see some of the biggest deer in North America in those states. These areas have a very cold climate, so you will have early action. Prices per acre start at around $2300. Get on it!
  3. Southeast: Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana are awesome for hog hunting, small game, both upland and waterfowl birds. If this interests you, take a look because the price starts at $2400 per acre.

Whether you are looking for farming, residential building, or hunting on your land, we hope that this information has made it a little bit easier. Discount Lots is here to give you the best prices for exactly what you are looking to use your land for. If you do not know what you want to use vacant land for yet, that is certainly okay as well! The best thing you can do is just start looking and usually you can figure it out pretty quickly. Remember to ask for help if you need it!

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