Explore the Top 8 Amazing Things about Citrus, Florida

People kayaking in Citrus, Florida

Citrus County in Florida, is the perfect destination if you dream of living in a quiet place surrounded by nature. It’s the complete opposite of your typical city life with its long lines and traffic jams, yet big cities like Tampa, Orlando, Ocala, and Gainesville are just a short drive away. 

It has little under 150,000 people living there and is home to numerous gorgeous parks, magnificent springs, abundant nature preserves, and a wide variety of species. Crystal River, with its springs of stunningly clear water and a high population of manatees, is one of Citrus County’s most popular destinations.

This county might be the best location if you’re contemplating buying land in Florida. You get to live in the center of the Gulf Coast lifestyle. Fishing, boating, and beach tanning can all become a part of your daily life. You can also partake in well-liked neighborhood pastimes like scalloping, stone-crab catching, or manatee swimming. 

Read on to discover more amazing things about Citrus, Florida. 

You Can Observe Manatees 

Homosassa Spring was a well-liked railroad station in the early 1900s where lots of people would stop for picnics while the train carriages were loaded with the day’s fresh catch, which included fish, cedar, and crabs. As a result, the area is now a haven for various wildlife. It contains an underwater observatory where visitors can stroll beneath the spring and observe fish of various sorts and manatees, among other freshwater wildlife. Additionally, you’ll get an opportunity to get close to some of Florida’s captive animals that call the park home, including flamingos, red wolves, black bears, and Key deer.

You Have a Chance to Camping in the Wilderness

Are you seeking a setting and activity that will allow you and your children to connect and experience nature? If so, you must go to the Chassahowitzka River Campground. The 5,677-acre campground is home to hiking trails, rivers, creeks, springs, and more. It features 80 full-service campsites, including one where you can camp in the wilderness without modern conveniences or amenities. You may also try on several activities like bicycling, hiking, boating, kayaking, and more.

There’s an Abundance of Protected Lands

Many newcomers don’t know the fact that Citrus, Florida is around 700 square miles in size, with more than 152,000 acres of that area designated as public and protected land. In fact, about half of the county comprises a protected region that will never be developed. Therefore, residents can rest assured that Citrus County won’t experience the same problems caused by overdevelopment as other areas of Florida have.

The Weather in Citrus County Florida is Ideal

The year-round sunshine in Florida is one of the primary draws for people to relocate there. Citrus County Florida is renowned for its wonderful climate. The area around the Villages of Citrus Hills lacks the Everglades water impact, in contrast to humid South Florida. The Villages of Citrus Hills, which are 260 feet above sea level, benefit from winds coming from the Gulf of Mexico, which helps to maintain a comfortable environment year-round. 

The average temperature and humidity in Citrus County are around 72 degrees all year round. Here, pleasant days are the norm. The soft spot ranges in temperature from 65 to 75 degrees, and you’ll enjoy it for 274 days each year when living in Citrus County Florida. The best thing is that you won’t spend the entire summer sulking in your air-conditioned residence. Beautiful weather will enhance your quality of life rather than merely being a bonus.

The Cost of Living Is Low

Citrus County residents, like all Floridians, are exempt from state income taxes. Citrus County residents, however, also enjoy a laid-back lifestyle without having to worry about price gouging that you might find in many major tourist destinations. As a result, the cost of living in the county is highly affordable.

The Old Courthouse Heritage Museum Houses Unique Artwork

Old Courthouse Heritage Museum, a historical landmark in Citrus County, uses exhibits and artifacts to describe the prehistoric and early days of the region. Here you can also see more contemporary collections and see how the film business and national advancements have shaped what Central Florida is now. The ancient courtroom, where Elvis Presley shot his ninth film, “Follow that Dream,” and where many townspeople appeared as extras, is another site that could interest you.

There’s a Citrus County Fair

The county’s annual Citrus County Fair shows a variety of local goods and food, as well as many exhibits that reflect local lifestyles. There are cattle exhibitions, rodeos, beef and poultry breeding events, handicrafts, farm goods, and more. Free entertainment options include games, rides, and attractions to make the experience more fun. Additionally, numerous food and beverage stalls are dispersed throughout the neighborhood, so you’ll never go hungry here.

You Can Enjoy Picking Blueberries at Bette’s Blues Blueberry Farm

Have you ever picked your own fruit? Formerly a working farm, Bette’s Blues Blueberry Farm is a family-run enterprise. However, the farm is now a fruit-picking farm due to the enormous demand for fresh fruits from the tree to the table. They also cultivate peaches and a variety of blueberries, including thornless blueberries. This farm’s use of no pesticides allows visitors to sample the blueberries as soon as they are picked, which is another plus. Make sure to bring the family along when you come because it’s a fun pastime for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Citrus, Florida offers a wide variety of enjoyable activities, including picnicking in its many parks, swimming in its clean springs, watching wildlife, fishing at the pier, and taking in the area’s historical and archaeological sites. If you want to escape the bustle of the city and have a tranquil, nature-filled life, Citrus County Florida is the ideal destination.  

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