Defining the Different Types of Land Use

Different Types of Land Use

Discount Lots wants to make buying land easy for everyone. Wouldn’t it be fun and simple if you could buy land today and do whatever you wanted to do on it tomorrow? We think so too, but unfortunately nothing is that easy. When purchasing land, it is crucial to know about land use specifics. Having knowledge when it comes to land use is important because it helps determine what you should and should not do on your newly purchased land. We thought we could help clarify some facts about land use so that you would not have to.

What is Land Use and Why Does it Matter?

Land use is basically what it sounds like, it is used to describe the use of land by humans. There are many different activities humans can use land for and there are economic activities as well as cultural activities that people perform on land. So, if land use is just a term referring to the way humans use land, then what else does it entail? These economic and cultural activities are separated by different terms: agricultural, commercial, recreation, residential, and transportation.

If you have studied any types of zoning laws, you may have crossed paths with these terms previously. If you have not, that’s okay because we are here to break it down.

What is Agricultural Land Use?

When you think of agriculture, you probably think of crops, animals, and getting your hands a little dirty. You are definitely not wrong! Agricultural land use is a very desirable type. Many people are looking for the perfect agricultural property. There are many ways you can utilize your agricultural land. Some uses will vary according to zoning laws as well as county rules and regulations. Make sure you review your specific zoning code before you do anything that may get you in trouble!

Usually, when referring to agriculture, it means the production of crops. That is true for agricultural land use. Some popular crops to produce are wheat, corn, vegetables, hay, cotton, and more! Another use for agricultural land is raising livestock. Most agricultural land is described as ranches, farms, and pastures.

What is Commercial Land Use?

Let’s talk business. Commercial land use always involves commerce. If you are looking to open a new business or lease your land to another thriving business owner, you would need a property that allowed commercial land use. Commercial opportunities are exciting and important to any community.

Most commercial land is used for things like businesses, warehouses, shops, or anything else built for commerce. Other things you could get involved in with your commercial land are restaurants, office buildings, and grocery stores. Tons of land is bought every day to be used for commercial purposes and our cities and world are forever grateful for that!

What is Recreational Land Use?

When you hear the word recreation, you might think of something fun. Recreational land is meant for people to enjoy it! How amazing, right? When people are looking to purchase recreational land, they may be thinking of opening a swimming pool, drive in theater, concert venue, park, and more. Athletic fields would fall into this category of land as well. If you are always up for something fun to do and you have an idea that suits your area, look for recreational land! Every city has specific spots of land that are meant for the community and visitors to go enjoy the city. If that sounds interesting to you, recreation is calling your name.

What is Residential Land Use?

Where do you reside? Probably in your home! That is specifically what residential land is meant for, building homes! If you read our article about the types of dwellings, then you saw how there are many different types of homes. Certain zoning laws will determine exactly which type of home you can build on your property. Review zoning codes before you break ground on any building to avoid a headache in the future!

If you are looking for land for sale for residential use, you will want to take some things into consideration. What types of houses are in the area? Does the area have amenities nearby, like restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and more? Is the property accessible? Will it be difficult to hook up to utilities? These are all important things to think about when you decide to purchase a residential property!

What is Transportation Land Use?

You might be thinking, why is there land with transportation use if we already have roads. EXACTLY. Transportation land is used for creating more opportunities for transport as needed! It is not just roads, it includes airports, train stations, bus stations, and subway stations. Living in this beautiful world, we all know that transportation services are vital. So, that means that land designated for transportation use is vital as well.

In communities that are growing and thriving, this type of land will be more important, and they probably have more of it. Those who have experience in transportation services are most likely to be the ones who are desiring land with the use of transportation. As we grow, so will the need to transport.

Questions and Concerns Regarding Land Use

A lot of people are curious about some of the different types of land use. Because agricultural land use refers to the raising of animals, people wonder if they can only have animals on agricultural land. For example, you want to have some goats and you want to make sure you can raise them on your land. Some residential land will allow for goats for domestic use or personal use. If you are planning to raise goats to sell their milk, then you will most likely need to look for agricultural land. These things will also depend on the specific zoning code.

Another question people have is whether they must have a commercial lot to build an Airbnb. Most of the time, this is not the case, and you can build a rental property on a residential lot. Residential lots allow certain types of housing to be built on the lot whether it will be a rental property or not.

Just because they are specifically named for their purpose doesn’t always mean that is all they allow. If you see a lot under commercial land use and you want to use it for something different, you may be able to. Just make sure you contact the county and figure out what uses the lot permits.

Land Use Changes

Sometimes, land uses can change. This varies by the area and depends on what is going on around it. Changes in land use happen all the time and they are usually the result of air and water pollution, waste generation, wildlife habitat, climate, and the health of the city and its community.

Like we always say, be sure that you review your local zoning ordinances as well as the county’s rules and regulations. This is important for anyone who already owns land and those who are looking to purchase land. Having knowledge on these things gives you power because you are aware of the uses your property allows and you will be up to date on any changes.

If you have any questions, Discount Lots is always here to help!

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