Florida Land for Sale

Just $369/month
Zoning: Agricultural / Rural Residential (A/RR)
Just $579/month
Zoning: R-2 Residential - One and Two Family District
Just $689/month
Zoning: R-1A Residential, Single-Family

Florida Land Information

Florida is known for being one of the largest peanut-farming states as well as a major producer of citrus fruits in the United States. More than half of the sugarcane and grapes in the United States were produced in Florida. In terms of its population, Florida is known for being an amazing place to retire. This is sue to a number of factors including the climate, proximity to beaches, and relative cost of living. If you are interested in hunting, Florida is home to game including turkey, whitetail deer, quail, dove, hogs and ducks. If you love fishing, there are great options as well including bass, catfish, trout and walleye.

The cost of real estate in Florida varies quite a bit depending on location. However, as a state with so much great proximity to beaches and waterways, buying land here can be a great opportunity for a land investor. Choosing a property just outside the city or in an area that is just now starting to be developed might be your best investment decision. If you love warm weather, want a place to build a vacation home or just hope to find a great land investment, one of the Florida properties in our inventory might be perfect!