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Discount Lots - Making Land Ownership Easy & Affordable For Everyone

We took our experience as real-estate and ecommerce experts and put it to work to find overlooked deals on land. We take our savings and pass it on to our clients in the form of low prices and easy payments.

Apart from exclusive access to listings not listed on the market, we also assist in outright land purchases and our innovative rent-to-own program.

Why Purchase Land With Us?

Exclusive, Off-Market Listings

We purchase lots through a variety of sources at wholesale prices. Once we own a property, we list it here, on DiscountLots.com. It does not appear in any real estate listings.

No Agent Fees or Commissions

We are able to sell land at such low prices because we do not have to pay agents any commissions or fees (which can be up to 6% of purchase price.) Instead, we pass the savings on to you.

No Credit Checks

When you purchase a property from us, you can be secure in knowing that we handle all qualification decisions in-house without doing a credit check.

Potential for Profitable Re-sale

The lots we purchase have been carefully chosen not only for their value, but for their potential for re-sale. Several of our clients have bought and flipped multiple lots at a nice profit.

Innovative Program for Buyers

Our program allows you to own property outright at the end of your agreement. It's like an auto lease, but with no absurd balloon payment at the end of it.

Owning Land is for Everyone

Our founders William and Paul started Discount Lots with the objective to make land ownership achievable for everyone. Buying value real estate sounds intimidating, but our team is here to help you build your legacy with your own property.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Rated 4.9 stars By 1,000+ Clients

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LaJeanna Brooks
"The process was extremely easy...it was a super smooth transition. They're very communicative. They will show you the ropes and they will definitely put you in peace."

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Dion Antic
"It just was easy. I don't even know how to explain. It was so easy to buy. With only a $1 down and a $300 document fee, it's worth the risk."

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Broch Clinton
"10 out of 10. I believe it'll be an incredible asset in the future so I feel really good about it."

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