How Big is an Acre?

measurements of an acre of land

The History of an Acre

When it comes to purchasing vacant land, most people wonder how big one acre of land actually is. It is very helpful to have an understanding, so you are not lost trying to figure out how big a piece of land is. A lot of you may not know that the measurement, acre, comes from the Middle Ages. It was originally described as the size of a field of land that two oxen could plow in one day. Interesting, right? So, you are probably thinking, “how does that help me visualize the actual size of an acre?” Well, it may not help you visualize it, but it helps to understand what the word acre was used to describe back in the day.

What Are the Measurements of an Acre of Land

Now let’s get to everyone’s favorite part, the mathematical side of how big one acre of land is. It is important to have an idea of the mathematical aspects of an acre, but it may not help visualize how big it actually is. Unless, of course, you are a math genius and if that is you, we admire you. One acre is approximately 43,560 square feet. It can also be represented as 4,840 square yards. If you are aware of the square feet and square yards of an acre, it may help when you have plans to build a specific size object on the land or if you are separating it for any reason. An acre is a great size for a house, if you are planning on building a home. You can also separate an acre into different uses for a park or campground.

Visual Comparisons of an Acre

Most of the time, it can be much easier to visualize how big an acre of land is by comparing its size to everyday things. So, let’s get started!

The first comparison to start will be the famous football field. If you take away the endzones of the football field, it is approximately 48,000 square feet. Taking away the endzones and the last ten yards of the field will give you around the size of an acre. Interesting to visualize, isn’t it?

So, what’s next? Let’s go with tennis courts. Visualize how big a tennis court is and multiply it by 15. And there you have it! One acre of vacant land can fit 15 tennis courts, there is an idea for what to do with your vacant land.

Basketball fans, you are up! Think about the NBA/NCAA sized basketball courts, now think of 9 of those next to each other. That is about the size of an acre!

You’ll find lots of sports fans here at Discount Lots! Think about a soccer field, if you are at the center of the field or the halfway point and you walk a couple steps further, that would be an acre. In other words, an acre takes up about 60% of a standard soccer field.

Another good visual comparison is an Olympic size swimming pool. If you are thinking about having a swimming facility, this could be the comparison for you! You can fit approximately three Olympic size swimming pool on one acre of vacant land.

If you are a foodie, how many food trucks do you think can fit on one acre of vacant land? Around 242 food trucks could potentially fit on one acre. That sounds like a dream.

One fun one for the road, one acre of land can be filled with 2,787,840 Dinosaur chicken nuggets. Now that is something to think about.

Are we getting the idea? Visualizing the size of an acre by comparison can be very helpful. Find your nearest football or soccer field and give it a go.

Agriculture Measurements of an Acre

Can all the farmers raise their hands? It is your turn to think about the size of an acre. If you want to know how one acre plays into agriculture and farming, here is some valuable information.

With one acre of agricultural land, you can grow up to 60,000 lbs of food! That is a lot of organic food. Per square foot, that is a little over a pound per square foot. Let’s take a look at some basic garden vegetables.

If you like carrots, you can grow about 34,000 lbs of carrots on just one acre of agricultural land. That is quite the abundance of carrots.

One word, potatoes. How many pounds of potatoes can you fit on one acre of undeveloped land? About 21,200 lbs of organic potatoes. Mashed potatoes for days! We have another fun visual of how many potatoes can fit on one acre of vacant land. If you wanted to make a line of potatoes from one end to the other, you could fit approximately 1,584 five-inch potatoes in a line.

How Many Animals Can Fit on an Acre?

Now let’s think about how many animals you can have on just one acre of land. Many people raise all kinds of animals on their farming land. It may be something you have interest in doing. This can be helpful for farming, or if you just want some cute furry friends roaming around!

Let’s start small with chickens. The optimum number of chickens to have on one acre of agricultural land is around 50. That is a lot of eggs!

Oink, oink. Let’s talk about pigs. A good number of pigs to have on one acre of farmland ranges from 25 to 35 pigs. That is a good number of pigs for the space.

If you are thinking about goats, it is reasonable for six to eight goats to be comfortable on one acre of land.

Baaaah! It is ideal to have six to ten sheep per acre of land. 

If you are looking at land for animals, there are plenty of options for you with only one acre of land.

How Many Humans Can Fit on an Acre?

Being in a crowd sounds pretty foreign these days, but it can be helpful to think about how many people could fit into one acre of vacant land. This may sound crazy to think about because of our current situation, but you can fit about 20,000 people on one acre of undeveloped land. If you are thinking about private events or outdoor shows, the regulations are usually for one square foot per person.

Finding the Right Lot for You

At Discount Lots, we offer a variety of different sized lots. We offer lots from 0.1 acres to huge lots above 40 acres! Our goal is to help you find the right property that fit your needs, whether that is to build a home, farming, campground, and so on. Remember that the cost of an acre of land can vary drastically based on where the land is located.

Now that we have gone over quite the abundance of explanations for the size of one acre of land, you have plenty of insight! This information may also help you think of what you can do with one acre of vacant land. There are endless options. We hope that this article helped you discover all the things you can fit into one acre of land as well as develop a better understanding and visual of how big one acre of land actually is.


Q: Can I build a house on one acre of land?

A: Yes, one acre of land is typically suitable for building a house, providing ample space for residential construction and outdoor amenities.

Q: How big is an acre of land exactly?

A: An acre of land is approximately 43,560 square feet or 4,840 square yards.

Q: How does an acre of land relate to agriculture?

A: With one acre of agricultural land, you can grow up to 60,000 pounds of food, making it a significant space for farming and food production.

Q: What are some visual comparisons for understanding the size of an acre?

A: Visual comparisons include the size of a football field without the endzones, which is roughly the size of an acre, or picturing 15 tennis courts to represent the space.

Q: Are there financing options available for purchasing land?

A: Yes, various financing options exist for purchasing land, including mortgages, land loans, and owner financing arrangements. It’s essential to explore different options and consult with financial experts to find the best fit for your situation.

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