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Welcome to your opportunity to embrace the rich heritage, friendly locals, and scenic waterfronts that the great state of Texas is revered for. Explore our specially selected properties in Onalaska, Livingston, and Horseshoe Bay, each presenting a distinct chance to create your dream home amid charming small town communities or stunning lakeside settings that celebrate life, culture, and natural beauty in true Texan fashion. Whether you envision raising a family, building a business or just relaxing at the lake, these Lone Star lots let you craft your own piece of paradise steeped in the vibrant essence of Texas.

Browse below and explore the possibilities and find where your story begins with your dream land. 

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Disclaimer: All information provided are preliminary research conducted by the Discount Lots team. All potential buyers are responsible to proactively consult, verify and confirm with the County to determine the complete guidelines on what the property can and cannot be used for, if such necessary permits are required to build, and if utilities are accessible and/or can be serviced on the property. Discount Lots is not responsible for any discrepancies in the information provided and offers no warranties or representations regarding the land, its condition, or potential developments on the property.

Just $589/month

Want to invest in property that reconnects you with nature? Immerse yourself in 43.62 acres of breathtaking Valmy, Nevada landscape, ideal for mobile homes, campgrounds, parks, and more!

Just $1349/month

Craving a grand-scale adventure in your very own backyard? Seize these sweeping 80 acres in Bonanza, Klamath County, OR, now!

Just $909/month

Do You Need a Massive Lot for Your Agricultural, Recreational, or Institutional Projects? This 39.75-Acre Property in Yucca, AZ, is an Investment That Has It All!