How Much Does the Average Acre of Vacant Land In Texas Cost?

Acre of Vacant Land in Texa

Texas, the Lonestar state, is an extremely popular state to purchase undeveloped land in. The landscape is beautiful and there is a lot of room to explore! You’ll find plenty of fields, mountains and hills that can provide great opportunities for freedom, investment, a retreat, something to pass along, and much more. The options are endless and not to mention, affordable.

Texas is surrounded by New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico. That is a lot of variety and travel opportunities nearby. The surrounding states all vary in landscape, animals, and people. All of these states bring more people to Texas to buy land and can give you an advantage depending on what you are using your land for.

What can I Grow on Land In Texas?

You may be asking yourself what your options are when it comes to buy vacant land in Texas. There are plenty of things you can use your land for. To start, we know that Texas land is popular for private farms, ranches, and forested land. Let’s talk about what we can grow on land in Texas.

The most profitable crop people grow in Texas is cotton. This is because the demand for export of cotton has increased. Cotton is processed at gins, oil mills, textile mills, and compresses. There are plenty of options when it comes to processing the cotton you grow. If you are wanting to profit from your land in Texas, growing cotton is definitely a great activity to look into. For reference, you can grow around 685 pounds of cotton per acre and it sells for a little less than a dollar per pound.

Coming in second at the most profitable crop to grow in Texas is grain sorghum. What is grain sorghum? It is a grain that is very similar to corn in appearance and it is a grass species that is most commonly used to feed livestock. Grain sorghum is one of the top five cereals in the world. In Texas, this crop is very valuable because it is used in livestock and poultry feed, which Texas needs a lot of. According to a source, in 2018, the state of Texas produced over 62 million bushels. In one acre of land, you are able to produce around 46 bushels per acre. You can profit around $7 for 112 pounds of grain sorghum.

Rice – we love to eat it, Texans love to grow it! If you decide to grow rice in this state, long and medium grain rice is most popular. You can grow over 7,500 pounds per acre of land. It is hard to say exactly how much money you can make per acre, but it is around $125.

In Texas, wheat is an extremely valuable crop. In the winter, wheat pastures provide a great meal for livestock. You can grow up to 32 bushels of wheat per acre of land. The average price per bushel is a little over $5.

Corn is popular for livestock feed, ethanol production, and of course other food products we eat every day. In Texas, corn is another valuable crop you can profit from by growing it on your land. On just one acre of land, you can grow up to 35,000 individual plants. That is a lot of corn! There is an opportunity to make around $730 per acre of corn plants.

Lastly, we have hay. Texas is great at providing the total feed requirements for the majority of the state’s livestock and wild animals. It sounds overwhelming, but an acre of land can produce up to 2 tons of hay which profits at about $115 per ton.

Livestock In Texas

Beef cattle is the most profitable livestock to raise in the United States. Texas is a big part of raising beef cattle. If you are looking to raise cattle then Texas might be a great option for you. With a small amount of land, it may be difficult because two cows are recommended per acre of land.

Meat goats are also popular as they are smaller in size and they are better suited for small acreage. You can have up to 8 meat goats per acre of land. Hair sheep are smaller than wool sheep, so they are more suitable for small acreage as well. You can use these for meat too. You can raise up to 10 sheep per acre of your land.

If you are not interested in raising livestock for meat production, then dairy can be a great option as well. Cows, goats, and sheep all produce a decent amount of dairy that you can profit from. Raising animals is hard work, be sure not to bite off more than you can chew!

Other Reasons to Own Land In Texas

With the major cities like Austin, Houston, and Dallas growing in population tremendously, you can use your land for campsites and AirBnBs. Many people travel there for business and pleasure and you could profit from giving people a place to stay. Texas can be popular for hunters to travel to and If you used your land for hunting purposes with a campsite, it could become very popular and profitable.

Best Cities to Own Land In Texas

Before we talk about what areas you should look for land in Texas, it is beneficial to know that the average price per acre of land in Texas is a little under $3000.

If you are looking for undeveloped land in Texas for residential purposes then you should think about Houston, Dallas and Plano. Land in these areas will be pricier than others. In these areas, the price per acre of land is around $4500.

For those of you looking for vacant land in Texas, you should start by looking in West Texas. West Texas land can give you the best bang for your buck. You can buy up to 7 acres of land for just under $5000. West Texas is a great place if you are looking to be on the outskirts.

The best places to buy farmland in Texas would be in Edwards County, Tyler County, Polk County, Milam County and Bowie County. These areas are where the most farmland is sold and there are many options. In areas like these, you are looking at a little under $1500 per acre of land. That is a pretty good deal.

And just for fun, where is the cheapest place to buy vacant land in Texas? Wilbarger County is known to have the cheapest vacant land for sale in Texas. You can find land in this county for as low as $1200 per acre.

Before you purchase any undeveloped land, be sure to research based on what you are looking for. If you are looking to build on your land, check zoning laws as well as county rules and regulations. Make sure you also determine the process for utilities. For farmland, you should look into the type of soil on the lot as well as the climate. Texas is a big state, and these factors can vary from city to city.

Overall, buying land in Texas is a fantastic opportunity. It can be a great investment. Even if you are just looking for a peaceful place to get away, there is a lot of options for vacant land.

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