How Expensive Is an Acre of Land Worldwide?

How Expensive Is an Acre

As we have discussed before, many people are curious about how much one acre of vacant land is worth. Usually, when you are starting to ask that question, you are most likely interested in purchasing vacant land. For a little refresher, one acre of land is approximately 43,560 square feet of land in any shape or form. Of course, if you are thinking about buying land, you need to understand how big one acre actually is.

Just like everything else, the value of land has changed over the years. One acre of land used to be offered at around $1.25 and now some places are selling one acre of land starting as high as $97,000. Crazy, right? The type of undeveloped land you are looking for as well as the location of the land will alter the pricing by more than you think. We are here to talk about how much one acre of land costs worldwide. We know prices vary from city to city, but let’s discuss how they vary from country to country.

If you are looking for a lower price per acre of land, then you should not be searching for land in any major cities. Instead, look for agricultural land that is further away from major cities. You will find that land that is off on its own has the potential to be much less expensive than an acre of land near a big city. The Unites States, Canada, and Australia have a good variety of opportunities to find agricultural land. Europe has started to have lower prices when it comes to buying an acre of land.

Think about why you are buying vacant land. What do you want to gain from it? Do you want to gain something right away or do you have some time? Asking yourself these questions is important because it will help you decide where land is profitable to purchase.

What Do You Want to Use Your Land for?

Before we get into the cheapest and most expensive places to purchase one acre of land worldwide, we need to talk about why you want to buy land in the first place. The reason this is good to think about is because there are certain factors that determine the price of an acre of vacant land.

If you are looking for land to build a house on, then you are probably searching for land that is not completely in the middle of nowhere. You know, a grocery store would be nice! One acre of land in the middle of nowhere is far less expensive than if you are looking to purchase undeveloped land outside of a popular city. You will want to make sure you research the areas you are interested in and make sure you are not getting in over your head. It is important to note that you will also need to check zoning as well as county rules and regulations to make sure you are able to build a house on the land.

If you are looking for agricultural land, the location matters too. If you do not mind being on the outskirts, then that is definitely where you need to start looking for the best price per acre. If you want a body of water on or near your land, you are looking to take more money out of your wallet.

Are you thinking about farming? If so, you may be able to find an acre of vacant land for a pretty low price. This all depends on what you are farming. Be sure to ask yourself what kind of soil you need or what should the climate be?

Cheapest Price Per Acre Worldwide

Who does not love to save some money? We know that buying land can be stressful, but it should be very exciting as well. It is important to know where exactly you can find land that does not completely empty your wallet.

Let’s start with the cheapest place in the world to buy land based on the price per acre. Drumroll please…it is Bolivia! The reason this country has the cheapest cost per acre of land is because of its low level of development as well as the potential to be a violent environment. The cost per acre of land starts at less than $100. It may not be the smartest or safest place to buy land in, but it is good to know the price!

Next, we have Paraguay. Paraguay land can be great if you are looking for agricultural land. There are plots of land with the price per acre being as low as $122. That is quite the deal, we can barely believe it.

Another great place to buy farmland is in Russia. Due to its low demand, you can find farmland in the Stavropol regions for as low as $480 per acre of land.

We have talked about the cheapest places to buy land in the United States, so we know that the price per acre can be as low as $1000 depending on where you are looking. Not a bad price!

Now let’s talk about how much it is to buy land in Spain. We go up in price a little bit here, but it is still decent price per acre. In Spain, the price per acre starts between $1700 and $2000 per acre.

Agricultural land in Canada can be pretty affordable as well. There are plenty of unpopulated places where you can find land for sale in Canada. One acre of land here starts at the price of around $3000.

Most Expensive Price Per Acre Worldwide

Now we are going to jump up a little bit and talk about where the most expensive land in the world is. As you can imagine, these areas are absolutely beautiful, and it would be a dream to own land in these places. The prices may seem high per acre, but when you think about the country it is not as crazy as you may think.

Prices in Ireland have gone up, but it is still possible to find agricultural land for a decent price for the location. You can find an acre of land starting at $35,000.

Greece and Australia are almost tied when it comes to the pricing per acre. If you are looking for unused land, you can find the price per acre starting between $40,000 and $50,000. Obviously, if you are looking for a house or land near the tourist-heavy cities, then you will be looking at a much steeper price per acre.

The most expensive undeveloped land in the world is in places like Singapore, Hong Kong, and London. These areas are very costly because they are such popular cities. Not even an acre of land will cost you over a million dollars.

Now that you know where the cheapest and most expensive places are to buy vacant land all around the world, it may help you find the right fit for you. Be sure to do your research and think about what exactly you want to use your land for before you make any big purchases. The more research you do and questions you ask, the happier you will be with your land.

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