How Much Land Is Needed for a Successful Ranch?

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Most of the time when people think about large plots of undeveloped land, they think about ranches or farms. Ranches and farms are traditional ways to use your land and they can be very profitable. Before you start fantasizing about your new ranch, you should do some studying. Studying always sounds fun, right? Like we always say, research is very important to do before you actually purchase your vacant land. Especially if you are purchasing specifically to have a ranch, then you need to think about how much land you need, what type of land is best for ranching, and areas that it is best to ranch in.

We are here to talk about how much land you need in order for your new ranch to be successful. Large plots of open land can be very overwhelming, but it is necessary if you are ranching!

What Does Ranching Consist of?

First, we should have a little refresher about what a ranch actually is. Most ranches consist of cattle, horses, and sheep. A ranch uses a large area of vacant land to raise cattle, horses, and sheep. These animals are used for ranching because they are grazing animals. Raising cattle and sheep is definitely the most popular when it comes to ranching, but there are ranches out there that raise elk, bison, alpacas, and emus! 

You are probably thinking, what are the horses for? Once you have a ranch, you will need some cowboys. Cowboys ride the horses to herd the cattle and sheep to different areas of the land. You will want to herd the animals to better grazing areas from time to time. Cowboys are also responsible for caring for all of the animals and making sure they are healthy and well fed.

How Many Acres Do You Need for a Ranch?

When it comes to starting a ranch, there is no certain number that you need to have. With that being said, you do have to meet the land requirements for the animals you are raising. For example, you are required to have 1.5 to 2 acres of land per cow. That means if you start with 250 acres, you will be able to have more than 50 pairs of cows and calves. Some people recommend starting smaller than you think so that you do not get in over your head. This means that if you have a ranch that can handle 100 cows then it could be a better idea to start with 50.

Let’s talk about sheep. You can have as many as 10 sheep per acre of land. So, if you are looking at 250 acres of land then let’s just say, you can have a lot of sheep.

It is important to remember that all of this depends on the location of the land. For cattle and sheep to thrive and make you the most money, you will want to make sure that they have plenty of pasture to graze on. If the area you are searching for land does not have to capability to feed animals on your ranch, then what is the point?

How Much Money Can You Make Ranching?

Now it is time for what a lot of people think about first, money. Can you make a living off a ranch? Absolutely. Keep in mind that it takes hard work to be successful! Ranchers can make anywhere between $70,000 to $140,000 a year on average.

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to producing income from ranching. The size of your ranch will make an impact. Large cattle ranches make the most money because of the price of a cow. Like a lot of businesses, the number of years of experience will impact your income as well. You can get in touch with fellow ranchers and accountants that focus on that type of income to come up with a solid plan and timeline.

If you are having trouble producing the amount of income you need from your ranch, there are ways to make some extra profit on the side! The most popular way to earn some extra money on your ranch is a dude ranch. Use your ranch as a tourist attraction where people can come stay and learn about ranching. You could also use your ranch for hunting and fishing opportunities, which will definitely bring you some extra cash. Another idea is to turn your ranch into a wedding venue! Weddings on land are becoming more and more popular and you would be surprised how much you can put in your wallet!

One important factor to remember is the bigger number of acres and animals, the bigger your paycheck.

Best Places to Purchase Land for a Ranch in the United States

Now that we have talked about all the details of owning and making money off a ranch, we should talk about where in the United States is the best to buy ranch land. Just like when you are buying a house, location is very important. You will want to look for the best landscape and make sure you know what kind of wildlife you may experience on your land.

In no specific order, here are some options for the best states to buy land to start a ranch in.

  • Colorado is a fantastic place to buy ranch land in. It will be a great long-term investment and not to mention, beautiful! This state is very popular for cattle ranching and you will find hunting and fishing as well. The land is very diverse, and you will be closer to larger cities. Keep in mind that the price per acre may be higher in this area.
  • Wyoming is another great option for ranch land. You will find a lower price per acre here which makes it a bigger bang for your buck. The climate in this state is better than others. Cattle ranching is a great opportunity here.
  • Montana has very large acreage ranches and could be great for your new ranch! Montana land will appreciate in value over time compared to other areas and the community is growing more by the minute! The natural resources and fertile environment are benefits as well.
  • New Mexico is the new place to buy ranch land! It is appealing because it is less crowded than the above options and the price per acre is lower as well. You will find larger ranches and more acreage in general in New Mexico. Land conservation is huge in this area.

Before we wrap it up, we should mention the nation’s most popular ranching state, Texas. Texas is known for its agricultural and beef cattle production. Because it is so popular, it can be pretty pricey. Regardless of the price per acre, cattle thrive here and there is opportunity for substantial income if you do it the right way!

Final Tips for Ranching

  • Care for the Environment: Without the proper landscape and environment around your ranch, it will be pretty difficult to be successful.
  • Prioritize Your Livestock: Keeping your animals healthy and happy is key to earning income from your ranch.
  • Have a Good Team: Have a solid hardworking crew as well as the ranching experts. By experts, we mean a livestock nutritionist, accountant, insurance broker, and banker.
  • Create Friendships: Get to know your neighbors! In every rural community, there is usually a tight group of people who are supportive.
  • Save Money as Much as Possible: We don’t like to think of the negatives, but you never know when a fire, drought, flood, or sickness amongst your livestock will happen.

Ranching a beautiful thing and can be a great source of income for you. If you are interested, do your research and get prepared. We are here to help along the way if you have any questions or concerns when you are searching for the perfect undeveloped ranch land.

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