Is Land Flipping Profitable? Best 5 Reasons to Start Flipping Land

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Land flipping involves purchasing lands at a discount to sell them later for a profit. It’s a type of real estate investment suitable for those with little initial capital but who still want to make significant profits quickly. Land flips are simpler than home flips because they require less initial capital, and you don’t have to deal with the headache of repairs or renovations, which may be expensive and time-consuming. When done properly, this business model also yields excellent profit margins. 

Still, land flipping is one of the most underappreciated and misunderstood ways to profit from real estate. If you want to dive into this venture, you need to understand how this business model works and the advantages it offers.  


What Is Land Flipping?

When you flip vacant land, you purchase a parcel for 5% to 35% of its market value and then turn it around and sell it up for higher profits, usually by 50% to 80% of the market value. This business strategy, like anything else, is easier said than done, and there are several tricks and tips you need to learn if you want to be successful. That being said, land flipping is relatively easy and simpler than most other real estate techniques. 


Top 5 Reasons to Start Flipping Land

If you’re still not convinced that land flipping is the right business strategy, read through the top five reasons why flipping land is better than every other real estate business model.

Land Flipping Offers Incredible Returns

It’s not unusual for land investors to get over 100% return on a single land investment. Buying a piece of property and then selling it for a profit is easy, especially for undeveloped land, which may be purchased for less money on average than developed properties. Every day, the value of land increases, so profits are almost guaranteed when flipping land.

Land Is Relatively Cheap and Easy to Fund

When buying and selling homes to make a profit, the first obstacle you need to overcome is raising capital to do the deal. Fortunately, this is not an issue for land flippers. The land is a lot more affordable in comparison to houses. You can find an amazing lot for just a few hundred dollars. As a result, you don’t need to finance your buy with a mortgage or through private funding. Even if you do need financing, companies like Discount Lots offer flexible payment terms which eliminate the need for a bank loan

There is Very Little Competition in the Land Flipping Business

From a business perspective, flipping land comes with vast territory and low competition. Since you aren’t restricted to a single geographical area, you can reach potential sellers and buyers out of state.  

The Land Market Is Strong

Flipping land is a fantastic method to diversify your portfolio because it can protect you from any kind of economic turbulence and generate income when other assets would struggle to do so. 

Additionally, since land flips are less unpredictable than stocks and bonds, you won’t have to worry about losing all of your money if the market declines.

Land Flipping Offers Ongoing Income Possibility

 Buying land with cash and selling it with terms can help you turn your land flip into an ongoing cash stream. When offering seller financing, you can secure regular monthly income for years after the initial sale. 


How Does Land Flipping Work?

Flipping land is a great way to make profits, but it can take time to get started. To help you, we explain in detail how land flipping works. 

Step 1: Purchase Cheap Land

The most important step in land flipping is to find affordable land. Thanks to companies that sell raw land online, like Discount Lots, you can shop for vacant land anytime, anywhere. When shopping with us, you’ll have access to off-market listings at low prices.

Step 2: Make the Property Shine

The next step is to get your hands dirty or, at least, get creative. Depending on the undeveloped property, simple upgrades such as removing unattractive plants, raking the dead leaves, or placing markings where a driveway might go could help potential purchasers in seeing the possibilities in otherwise “unwanted” pieces of land,

Step 3: Offer Easy Financing

Today’s sales pro tip: Although you might be able to buy a plot of land outright, not everyone can. You’ll get more offers and a quicker sale if you provide simple owner financing with a low monthly payment and interest rate. Keep in mind that most buyers will pay a higher price if something is simple to purchase.  

Step 4: Make the Sale

At this step, the paperwork enters the picture. Use a land contract or contract for deed to simplify the transaction. Make sure to search for free land contract templates online. These documents guarantee you will keep the title up until the last payment is received. Once the transaction is completed, hand the buyer a copy of the deed. 

Step 5: Enjoy the Profits

Once all steps are completed, you can leave with the money. This is a relatively simple business opportunity that can bring you a lot of money. And why stop here? You can repeat the process all over again and enhance your profit yields.


Final Thoughts 

Land flipping is a great alternative if you’re looking for a means to start land investing or want to expand your portfolio. Remember to be patient and take things slowly. Master the art of discovering, purchasing, and flipping raw land, you’ll go one step closer to reaching your financial objectives. 

Since most real estate investors overlook the tremendous benefits of flipping a parcel of land, there are few players in the game, giving you the opportunity to leverage this low-competition field. If you’re looking to start flipping land, contact us today to find the best land deal. We offer easy monthly payments on properties that could yield outstanding profits!

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