How to Buy Land Without Taking a Loan

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If you’ve ever tried to obtain a land loan, you’ve surely discovered that this type of loan is more difficult to get. It has less favorable terms than the traditional mortgage for purchasing an existing home. Some banks and traditional lenders simply don’t offer lot and land loans at all. In case they do it’s usually with demanding loan terms that you would not even want to consider. However, that doesn’t mean purchasing a plot of land without a loan is impossible. Below, we offer some great alternatives on how to finance land and get a step closer to land ownership.  

Owner Financing

Owner financing is one of the top things that come to mind when considering how to finance land. When opting for owner financing, you’ll have to provide monthly payments to the owner-seller in accordance with an agreed-upon amortization schedule. You may also be able to make a sizable lump sum payment at the end of the loan term. It all depends on the agreed timetable. However, unlike conventional mortgages, tax and insurance payments are typically not bundled into monthly debt service, and the buyer must make them separately.

Owner financing doesn’t involve banks or other conventional lenders. It also doesn’t require an inspection or assessment unless the land buyer wants one. As a result, qualifying is easier, and the entire process moves very quickly. Moreover, all terms, including the down payment sum, are flexible, leaving you with the possibility of negotiating a better deal for yourself. Another huge advantage of seller financing is the lack of closing costs. There are no origination fees, processing fees, administration fees. As well as any of the many other extra expenses that lenders frequently tack on.

However, the sellers can demand higher interest rates in exchange for seller financing or provide a very short-term loan, culminating in a balloon payment. The better option is to go through a reputable land-selling company like Discount Lots. With us, all terms are negotiable, and the payment happens at a pace that works best for you, with no balloon payments involved. Additionally, if, for some reason, you can’t pay on a particular month, you can let us know, and we’ll approve the skip request!

Trade an Existing Property

You might own an expensive house in a remote area that isn’t very useful to you. Or, perhaps you possess valuable carb business equipment or any inheritance left to you by a deceased relative you don’t need or use. If that’s the case, you’re in a perfect position to trade your current possessions for an attractive plot of raw land. This is also a great way to eliminate possessions that quickly lose value over time.

Post an advertisement in the neighborhood paper expressing your desire to trade something for a piece of undeveloped land. Be sure to thoroughly appraise the property value before trading it for a plot of rural land to avoid losing money. Also, find an experienced attorney to draft a detailed contract outlining the demands and protecting both parties involved.

Lease to Own

You can work out a deal with your seller to lease the unimproved land you’re about to purchase. First, you’ll have to make a down payment to get a potential future right to buy the land at the end of the contract. After that, you’ll pay the owner a monthly amount until the agreed-upon price of the investment property is entirely paid. If you decide to buy the property at the end of the contract, your payments will be split between rent and a sum that lowers the final land purchase price. Until the contract is completed, the landlord remains the legal owner.

Going down this road allows you to lock in a great price. Which is great if you’re buying in a market where prices constantly increase. Also, like owner financing, a rent-to-own land deal enables you to make regular payments to the seller instead of obtaining a traditional loan through financial institutions. The cost of the vacant land is paid in installments, funding the future acquisition.

At Discount Lots, all properties are available for our forefront rent-to-own program. After your rental period has been completed, you can purchase the land outright. It will be yours for just one additional payment equal to the monthly payment during your contract.

The best is how flexible the terms are. You can enjoy the real property to its fullest extent while making payments. You can even miss a payment if needed. We support you in cases you need to pause paying at any moment. That is without paying any penalties or harming your credit.

Save and Pay for Your Land in Cash

If you’re a long-term planner, you may opt to wait until you save enough money to buy land outright. This is a long process, but putting in an all-cash offer will make you a desirable customer. The mortgage application procedure can take a while, and there’s always a chance that a candidate will be rejected, the sale will fall through, and the seller will have to start the process from scratch. So, the seller is more likely to take you seriously if they know you don’t intend to apply for a mortgage.

Just as having cash makes you a more enticing purchaser, it also gives you more negotiating power. Even unsuspecting sellers will instinctively grasp that the sooner they receive their money, the sooner they can invest or use it in other ways.

Final Thoughts on How to Finance Land Without Taking a Loan

There is no right or wrong way to finance or purchase land. Yes, most individuals use traditional mortgage loans to buy properties, but this does not imply that this is the best financing option. For example, consider options like finding owner financing, rent-to-own or saving until you have enough money to pay for it in cash. These unusual methods can make your dream of becoming a landowner finally come true.

Buying land via DiscountLots allows you to take advantage of the best owner financing options. A low credit score won’t preclude you from purchasing land because we don’t do credit checks. With a down payment as low as $1, we provide flexible payment terms. There is no formal underwriting procedure or credit check, no balloon payments, and you can buy the land altogether at the end of the land agreement!

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