Securing Your Family’s Safety in Hazardous Events with a Land Investment

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The risk of losing one’s life or means of support can persist both during natural and non-natural disasters. These risks have been made alarmingly real by recent events such as the derailment of a train carrying hazardous materials in East Palestine, Ohio. The toxic materials released into the environment pose health risks for nearby residents. While no deaths were reported, this incident highlighted how a land investment can help ensure family safety during emergencies.

Having access to vacant land that is not affected by environmental disasters can help you protect yourself and your family from the health and financial losses associated with hazardous events.

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Benefits of Buying Vacant Land to Protect Your Family Against Hazardous Events

Land investments can help ensure the safety and security of those you love. Here are some of the benefits to consider:


Investing in land that is easily accessible can provide a safe and quick escape route during a hazardous event.

You’ll have a safe place where you can find shelter and protect yourselves from hazards.

Land can also give communities a space to assemble and support one another. For instance, you can use the property as a communal gathering place and cooperate with others to provide resources and support.


Purchasing land can help you and your family be more self-sufficient and sustainable during and after environmental disasters. You can grow food, raise livestock, and collect water to survive in the aftermath of a disaster.

It’s important to remember that the quality of the soil on the land can greatly affect its sustainability. Therefore, one of the best land investment tips is to buy land with healthy, productive soil.

Economic Security

Owning land can provide you with a sense of financial stability during hazardous events. You can use the land to generate cash flow by selling excess produce or raising livestock. This can help you weather economic downturns and other financial challenges that may arise.

Moreover, undeveloped land is a tangible asset that never loses value. Even in the event of a hazard, well-located and well-maintained land can retain its market value or even appreciate over time. This can provide you with a long-term economic cushion that can help you withstand financial hardships.

Privacy and Security

Raw land investment can also provide privacy and security, which can be important in a hazardous event where a large number of people may be seeking shelter or evacuation routes.

It’s best to invest in a property located in remote areas away from densely populated cities.


With real estate investments, you have more influence over the land’s use and the types of safety precautions put in place.

You will be able to make decisions on your own about how land is used during a disaster to ensure it’s beneficial for both safety and sustainability.

How Can Land Investment Help Secure Your Family’s Safety in Hazardous Events

As we’ve established, raw land investing can offer some ways to secure your family’s safety in hazardous events like the Ohio derailment. Here are some things to have in mind during the land buying process:

Choose the Right Location

When you buy land, consider choosing a location that is less vulnerable to hazardous events. For example, choose a location that is not near a train track or railway station. Or, look for land that is located in an area with minimal flood risks or earthquake threats.

Invest in Infrastructure

After buying raw land, consider investing in infrastructure that can help protect your family if a hazardous event takes place. For instance, a storm shelter or a reinforced safe room is a smart investment as it can provide protection from extreme weather occurrences.

Plan and Be Prepared

Be prepared for what to do in case of a dangerous situation. Have a plan that includes evacuation procedures, emergency contacts, and a designated meeting place. Regularly review and practice the plan with your family.

Choose Building Materials Wisely

When building a home or other structure on the land, use building materials that are resistant to damage from hazardous events. Choose wind and fire-resistant materials and construct buildings that can withstand extreme conditions.

Insure Your Property

Make sure that your land investment is adequately insured against potential hazards. Doing so can help protect your investment in the event of damage or loss.

Check the Zoning

Some local governments have zoning regulations that restrict certain types of land use in hazardous areas. Double-check that you can develop the land as you plan. Also, purchase land in a zone that is less likely to be impacted by hazards to further reduce the risk of damage and injury.

Final Thoughts

At Discount Lots, we have been devastated by the recent tragic news regarding Palestine, Ohio, and other places. These environmental disasters are happening far too frequently. They often leave families with nowhere to escape when their home potentially becomes unsafe to live in.

We’re dedicated and honored to give back and provide our help in accomplishing that aim because we think everyone should have access to safe land for their family in the case of an unprecedented environmental calamity.

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Invest in your family’s future today and contribute to a greater cause of providing safety from environmental disasters. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to secure your dream escape to safety!

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