Top Ten States to Purchase Raw Land

Top Ten States to Purchase Raw Land

Buying raw land is best when you are hoping to make something of your own. If you plan on building a dream house, starting a farm operation, opening a store, and more then raw land is the most likely the best option for you.

What is Raw Land?

Raw or vacant land is land in its most natural form. The land has not been used for any growing of crops or raising of livestock. It has also not been previously built on and it does not contain any fences, deep holes, or paths. As every day passes, raw land becomes rarer. What have we learned about rare land? The value is higher and continuously goes up making it a fantastic investment.

There are several benefits to purchasing raw land and making it your own in many ways. Developing raw land is a better idea than buying already developed land that you have to mess with or change because it does not suit your needs. If you have a dream for your land and it requires your own development process, then it will be more beneficial for you to look into purchasing raw land.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Raw Land

Many people have consistently looked the other way when it comes to buying raw land because it looked like a project, or they were concerned that they would not be able to make money from it. That is most definitely not the case, raw land is a wonderful investment. Just because there are no man-made developments on the land does not mean that it is incapable of making money. While people were ignoring the raw land because of their concerns, the land only continued to rise in value.

When it comes to raw land and developed land, the main difference is going to be the price. Almost every time, raw land is less expensive than developed land. The reason for this is because developed land has improvements and had more money put into it. Save some cash, make those improvements for yourself, make it personal.

Another difference between these two types of land is that developed land may have more restrictions when it comes to what you can and cannot do on the land. It is common for there to be certain limits of what you can use your developed land for because it usually only used for what the previous owners developed it for. If you want hunting land and you buy an old farm, it will be very challenging to change the land for your needs.

Raw land has more lenience. As long as the raw land meets any requirements for the soil type as well as zoning laws and county rules and regulations, then you will have more options. Think of raw land as a blank canvas for you to make your own.

Location of Raw Land

The location of raw land is something to think about especially if you are purchasing the land to make improvements on. When you are starting your search for raw land, keep in mind that the location of the land can determine the cost of the developments you make based on the materials and any professionals you will be using to help with any changes.

Location definitely matters, but wherever you buy the raw land you will always be able to find entertaining activities and you can create your own lifestyle anywhere you end up!

Where Should You Buy Raw Land?

Here at Discount Lots, we want to buy the land buying process easy for everyone. When you are buying land, you should be excited, not stressed. With that being said, let’s talk about the many places you should consider when you are buying raw land. These particular states are superior when it comes to raw land and the pricing you will see on the lots.

Remember, where you choose to purchase land is YOUR choice. Everyone will have different factors that will go into their search including proximity to family, friends and work, or an area you are more familiar with in general. Maybe you are interested in purchasing more than one parcel, we want to help!

Explore the options below and what they mean to you. These states may be preferred when it comes to purchasing raw land, but it does not mean you will not find the perfect land for you somewhere else!

In no particular order, the states below are known as superior for raw land:


Welcome to the sunshine state! Tourists love it here and it is full of wonderful activities and adventures. Some of the things we love about Florida are the beaches, theme parks, weather, food and nightlife! Vacant land in this gorgeous state starts as low as $8,999 on our site.


Home to Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mojave Desert, forests, beaches, and varying cultures. The state of California is constantly growing and evolving. The size of the state alone is outstanding. Prices start at $2,999 on our site.


A state full of natural beauty, Arizona’s tourist action and general population is growing every day. The Grand Canyon, sunsets, and southwest lifestyle are just a few of our favorite things about this state. Vacant land in Arizona starts as low as $3,499 on our site.

New Mexico

Other than be reasonably priced, land in New Mexico has beautiful landscapes. The Spanish architecture, culture, and relaxing activities will blow your mind. Start looking for raw land here! Prices start at $11,999 on our site.


The capital, Las Vegas, is full of casinos and exciting activities. Not to mention, the states beautiful attractions and parks. Get your adventurous side out and experience this wonderful state. Prices start at $6,999 on our site.


Perfect for lovers of outdoors. Nature lovers unite with hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, golfing, hot springs, and more! Get your gear ready and check it out! Prices start lower than $1000 on various sites.


When discussing diverse landscapes, Oregon comes to mind with its fabulous mountains, farms, forests, and beaches. When you research this beautiful state, it just looks like a dream. Prices start as low as $9,999 on our site.


Explore the national parks, museums, golf, casino resorts, and nightlife in this great state! There is a lot of history to experience in the state of Mississippi. Prices start at $1750 on various sites.


From snow on the mountains to forested islands, Washington State is absolutely breathtaking. The colors of wildflowers, glaciers, volcanos, and overall landscape truly shock you. Prices start around $10,000 on various sites.


What’s the famous joke? “Tennessee’s land is the only ‘ten’ I see?” Affordability at its finest, with very low taxes, Tennessee is one of the CHEAPEST states to live in! Beautiful amenities and fun are right around the corner. Prices start as low as $3,000 on various sites.

So, now that we have broken down the top ten states to purchase raw land in as well as what to know about raw land, you should have some ideas when going into your search. Raw land is a wonderful opportunity for investment and development to make your own.

Discount Lots is here to help you with your search, answering questions, offering suggestions, and most importantly, finding the perfect piece of raw land for you.

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