25 Ways to Make Money from Your Land Investment

Money from Your Land Investment

According to NBC News, one in four Americans think about money daily. This makes sense because many people spend the majority of their time working for money. As it buys us our necessities as well as the finer things in life. This means when people think about investing in land, many wonder how they can turn the land investment into a profit. It is important to consider your land investment opportunities that is what you hope for when you buy land.

Discount Lots specializes in cheap vacant land, so we want to discuss how you can make money from your investment in vacant land. We have sold land to over 800 satisfied customers and many of them have very different plans for their land. There are so many profitable options out there when it comes to making money from your land investment.

Raw vacant land is extremely valuable because no one is making any more of it! What you decide to do with your raw land has the potential to make it profitable. What you are able to do with your vacant land is determined by zoning and county regulations, as well as, location, terrain, and size. Before you commit to a certain plan, be sure to check all these factors.

Since so many people wonder what they can do to make money from their investment in vacant land, we thought we would give you a few options…or how about 25 Ways to Make Money?

Sounds like a great start.

1. Sell the Raw Land

This is an obvious answer, and you may be thinking, why would I buy land just to sell it?
Because that is the easiest way to make money from it. If you are looking to purchase vacant land to sit on while it increases in value, then this is a good idea for you. Vacant land will always increase in value, so if you sell it for more than you previously bought it for, then there’s some cash in your pocket!

2. Use Your Vacant Land for Storage

RV, boat, and other equipment storage is hard to come by. Offer storage to people in the area for a price and start collecting money from your cheap vacant land!

3. Solar Energy

Get energized! Solar farms are extremely profitable, but the process of setting it up may cost you. In sunny locations, this is a wonderful option to make money from your raw vacant land.

4. Stables

Many people are looking for a place to board their horses. Set up some stables and start to offer equestrian boarding. Watch the money come in day by day!

5. Grow Flowers and Sell Them

Do you want to grow something? Growing beautiful flowers is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is profitable. Take bunches to your local farmer’s market or grocery stores, profitable land can be pretty too!

6. Create Dirt Biking Trails

If you have the free vacant land for it, dirt biking trails is an awesome idea. Charge people to use the land for their adventurous side!

7. Start Pet Sitting

Some of us at Discount Lots are pet owners and we know that finding a good pet sitter is hard to come by. Vacant land for pets to run around and enjoy is something a pet owner will pay for.

8. Raise Livestock

This is an obvious option. Raise cows or goats for milk and cheese. You will satisfy the want for locally sourced products while making money from your cheap vacant land.

9. Horse Training Facility

Set up jumps and offer horse back riders to train with their horses on your land!

10. Plant Crops

Hay, wheat, corn, and many more! Growing crops and selling them is extremely profitable especially if you develop your own land.

11. Glamping

Glamping is becoming more popular every day. Offer vacant land to get away and experience nature!

12. Rent it Out

Rent out your land to people interested in holding events. Fairs, festivals, and competitions could take place on your vacant land!

13. Start a Vineyard and Sell Wine

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine, or maybe a bottle? Whatever your preference, planting a vineyard and selling wine is a fun experience that you can make big bucks from!

14. Shooting Range

Offer skeet shooting, archery, and target shooting on your vacant land. You won’t believe how many people are looking for a great shooting range.

15. Drive in Movie Theater

Don’t you just love getting cozy in a tailgate with snacks and drinks while enjoying a movie in the beautiful outdoors? People are looking for experiences like these in your vacant land!

16. Offer a Market for Farmers

Farmers in your area will jump at the opportunity to sell their products at a farmer’s market. Pick a day or two of the week and start advertising. You can rent out spaces for farmers to sell their goods on your vacant land.

17. Fall Festivities

Plant apple trees, grow pumpkins, create a corn maze, offer hayrides, and more! Fall festivities are fun for everyone and can help make any land profitable.

18. Beekeeping

Raising bees is not only great for nature, but it is also profitable! You can harvest their honey and sell it. Another option is to rent out your vacant land to beekeepers who are looking for a place for hives.

19. Create a Venue

Farm weddings are a hot commodity these days. If your vacant land has pretty views, a wedding venue could be a great option.

20. Offer Hunting and Fishing Tours

If you have vacant land that has wild game on it, hunters are looking for places to hunt! If you have a pond or river, you can stock it for people to fish as well!

21. Athletic Fields

If you have flat land, sports fields are a great way to make some money off your land. Mark some lines and let the games begin!

22. Sell Land to Conservation Groups

People want to protect land and if you are a nature lover yourself, then you can sell your vacant land to conservation groups.

23. Lease the Land to Farmers

People are looking for cheap land to have their animals graze on, you can lease the land to farmers who need more room for their livestock!

24. Breweries

Microbreweries are very popular nowadays. If you have a bigger plot of land, you could create a big event space with a brewery as well.

25. Food Truck Park

Who doesn’t love some good grub? Food truck parks are fun and exciting. Everyone wants to try all the different foods. Rent out spaces for food truck owners to come showcase their menu!

If you are thinking of buying vacant land and you are nervous about how you can turn it into a profit, now you have 25 fantastic ideas! All of these options are doable and can be a wonderful experience for you as well. Not only are these ideas fun, but they will also create extra income.

We must remind you to check on zoning laws as well as county rules and regulations before you start breaking ground on any plans. You will want to make sure that you are not violating!

If you have bought vacant land from us, please share your experiences and ideas. Discount Lots and our customers are always looking for motivation!

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