What Can I Do With 12 Acres of Land?

Buying Vacant Land

You may be thinking about buying land, but you are not sure how many acres is too little or too much. It truly depends on what you intend to use your vacant land for. Are you building a home? Are you interested in raising animals? Are you planting crops? The questions that can be asked are endless.

There are so many different activities you can use your vacant land for. It can be pretty overwhelming when you see a lot that is 100 acres for sale versus one that is 12 acres. You do not want to buy too many acres and not have use for all of that undeveloped land! It is better to think about all of your options before you purchase.

It is common to think that 12 acres of land is not enough for what you are thinking of, but there are actually plenty of things you can do with 12 acres! We are here to help you learn all that you can do with what you may think is a small number of acres. By the end of this blog, you may be ready to bite the bullet on that 12-acre lot!

The Importance of Environmental Factors of Vacant Land

It is important to know that not all land is the same. Just like location makes a difference with pretty much anything, the location of your vacant land will become a factor in terms of what you can do on your land. For example, you will be able to grow crops on all types of land, but you need to be sure to research which plants will work best in the environment and soil type. The same goes with raising animals on your land.

If you already have an idea of exactly what you want to do, that is great! From there, you can search for vacant land in your preferred environment. It is very important not to purchase a property on a whim because you may want to use that property to grow oranges when the environment is nearly impossible for that activity.

Micro-Farming on 12 Acres

If your vacant land is located near or around a decent sized city or town, then micro-farming may be for you. Growing crops is fulfilling as well as profitable. What more could you ask for? What is micro-farming? Basically, it is what it sounds like, a mini farm that you can grow crops on and profit from without having hundreds of acres. It can be a great activity to do in your free time if you already have a full-time job. Who doesn’t want to make some extra money? Sounds pretty nice to us!

Having four specialty crops in your micro-farm is a good place to start. From there, you can increase or decrease. Before you start planting, you should do some research on your soil type and the area you are in. There are many crops that are fairly easy to grow and will provide you profit. Think about which crops interest you and just start researching.

If it is well managed, your micro-farm can profit up to $100,000 or more per acre. This will depend on if you have a good local market and places to sell your goods to. Remember, that farming takes hard work even if it is only on 12 acres or less! Be ready to get your hands dirty and enjoy the outdoors.

Raising or Boarding Animals on 12 Acres

Something that always comes to mind when purchasing land is animals. Can I have animals on my land? Which animals will be content on my land? Again, research is always good for answering these questions. Sheep can be great animals for 12 acres of land. You want to make sure you do not exceed four sheep per acre of land. Sheep can be great for cheese and of course wool! You will want to make sure you have enough grass, flowers, or other vegetation for their diet.

Chickens are also great for small spaces! 12 acres is actually a lot of land for just raising chickens. You can always build a small coup and have other animals as well. The right number of chickens to have per acre ranges from 80 to 100.

Goats do exceptionally well on small lots of lands as well. Goats are great for mowing the lawn! Goat cheese and goat milk are becoming more and more popular and can create a profit. It is important not to have more than eight goats per acre.

Another small animal that will do well on your 12-acre vacant land is a pig! Of course, that doesn’t have to be singular, you can have up to 35 pigs per acre of land!

You can actually fit a lot more animals on 12 acres of land. All of these animals can be a great source of income. Raising animals takes a lot of effort and can be very hard, but it is a great activity!

Building a Home on 12 Acres of Land

Maybe you are not looking to farm or raise animals. Instead, you may want to build your dream home for your family or even a relaxing vacation home. 12 acres is plenty of room to build your roots on. However, make sure you have a detailed plan before you start digging up the dirt. Whether it is your new family home or a vacation home, building something is always a great thing. Be sure you check with zoning as well as the county rules and regulations before you get your hands dirty.

You can build a great farmhouse on open undeveloped land and add some landscaping to it to really make it your own. Building can be a great activity for you and your family. Kids love projects!

If you are looking for a source of income, a vacation home to rent out is a great investment. I am sure you have all heard of Airbnb, it is becoming very popular. People are always looking for a relaxing home away from home. A nice, wooded area is perfect for a secluded getaway, especially if you are close to a city or town with some activities. Building a small vacation cabin that your family can use, and you can also make a profit from sounds like the best of both worlds.

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to buying or selling land. Even 12 acres, which can seem like a small amount of land can turn into a huge opportunity. At Discount Lots, we want to show our buyers the beauty of owning land. Whether that is spending time with your family building a home or showing your children what a working dollar means, owning land can bring you all kinds of joy. And even if it is just you, you can really get to know yourself when you see what can be done with your own two hands.

Get out there, get some furry friends, grow some crops, and start building. You will see the endless options that come with just a small amount of land and it will surprise you!

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