What is Prepping & What Are the Best States for Living Off Grid?

What Is Prepping

Let’s talk about prepping. Why do people prep? How do they prep? Are there better places than others to prep in? First of all, being prepared is always smart in any aspect of life. You may have only heard of people prepping for some crazy zombie apocalypse, but that is actually the last thing most preppers are preparing for.

So, what exactly are preppers preparing for? Most people who are prepping are trying to be ready for any challenge that life throws at them. Preppers understand what is at risk and they plan to protect from any damage. Most preppers are preparing for things we have all thought about. Natural Disasters can happen suddenly and can take everything away. Things like floods, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes and more can wreak havoc to our world and it is very beneficial to prepare. Another common thing preppers are preparing to survive is a man-made disaster. What if there was a cyber-attack, a nuclear event, terrorism, or war? These are the things preppers think about.

Financial as well as personal challenges can cause terrible damage. Things like an economic collapse or a house fire are what crosses preppers’ minds. Another common thing to prep for is any social unrest where you and your family feel unsafe or unprotected in your home. Lastly, here is something we are all familiar with – pandemics. Many people prepare for times they may need to quarantine.

A lot of people think that preppers are all preparing for some crazy zombie apocalypse and that it is not necessary, but most preppers are preparing for common things, and they are actually very intelligent to do so. If you ignore the reality that there may be times of hardship ahead, then you may not be very reasonable. Understandably, life happens and we either get through it or we don’t. If it’s up to preppers, they are getting through whatever life throws at them. That is why we decided to help educate our readers about prepping.

What Does Prepping Create for People

Now that we have discussed the main reasons people prep, let’s talk about what prepping brings to the table besides preparing for disasters. Not only are preppers prepared for life’s challenges, but they also create peace and confidence for themselves. Don’t prepare because you are scared. Prepare because it brings you peace when you think about what the future holds. Knowing that you have done everything you can to be ready for events, you can feel more at peace. Prepping also brings confidence. Learning and acquiring skills will give you more confidence to be ready for any hardships that come your way.

Another reason people prep is because they want to help other people. Preppers share their knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on their community. They have what they need, and they are willing to share how they prepared with others. That’s awesome.

3 Things to Think About When Prepping

There are three main topics that people think about when they are preparing. Having a plan for these topics will help you get started on prepping.

1. Safety

We all want to feel safe at any point in our lives. Feeling safe provides a sense of security and brings you confidence. Preppers ask themselves if they would feel safe from a disaster that comes their way. If the answer is no, then they think about what would make them feel safe. It is different for everyone, but having extra supplies, or a hiding spot are common things preppers think about. Supplies that supply warmth like sleeping bags, blankets, socks and gloves are good to have in case of power outage. Hunting supplies can provide safety as well.

2. Immediate Resources

Emergency food and water supplies are important. Having a 5-day food and water supply stored in a small area provides security in case of loss of water, gas, or electricity. Make sure your storage area is easily accessible. Store a supply of water in a protected area for drinking purposes, food preparation, bathing, brushing teeth, and cleaning dishes. Plastic containers that are shatter proof and lightweight are best in these situations. Use refrigerated foods first. If there is a power outage, only open your refrigerator when necessary to keep a cool temperature. Food that can be kept at room temperature for a couple days are things like butter, fruits and veggies, peanut butter, condiments, processed cheese, fruit juice, and bread. Don’t eat meat, milk, or eggs if the temperature is above 40 degrees F for over 2 hours.

3. Long Term Sustainable Resources

Sustainability is key when it comes to prepping. In case you are unable to leave your house during or after a disaster, it is important to have long lasting sustainable resources or a place to grow/manufacture them like vacant land. In a safe, secure and dry place, store powdered milk, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, raw pasta, beans and lentils, white rice, pure honey, vinegar, corn syrup, and canned goods (meats, soups, veggies). All of these supplies, if not tampered with, can last 10 to 20 years or longer. Start stocking up!

Another way to create sustainable resources is to grow your own crops. Wheat, barley, rye, and corn in their natural state can last over 20 years. We have TONS of available cheap vacant land with lots of different types of zoning.

Best States with Cheap Vacant Land for Living Off Grid

Now that we have learned some basics about prepping, let’s talk about the best states for prepping and living off grid. Although, you should be able to prepare for the worst in most states, there are some states that are easier for prepping than others. If you have a cool, dry, secure place at your property already, then start collecting some supplies.

The top state with cheap vacant land for off grid prepping is Colorado. There is substantial wildlife and water sources in the Rocky Mountains. There are plenty of trees to provide wood for fires and building shelter as well as hiding. The winters can get cold in the state, but there are more sunny days per year than cloudy to provide Vitamin D and some warmth.

The second-best state with lots of raw land to prep off grid is Alaska. People in Alaska live off the land even when they don’t have to. If they are already doing it, then you can imagine it is a great place to live off grid. There is a great amount of wildlife and water sources. The only downfall of Alaska is the cold, you will have to prepare in advance for the winter season.

Coming in third place is Ohio. Ohio has a great population of Amish people who have lived off the raw land for hundreds of years. There are opportunities for learning from them as well as trading valuable supplies during a challenging time. Ohio is great for water supply and farming, and to top it all off, it is low on the list for states that experience natural disasters.

If you are thinking about living off grid and prepping with your vacant land, stay away from states like Florida and Texas. These states have an extremely hot climate and are more likely to experience crime with their high populations. Florida is known to take a beating from hurricanes and tornadoes each year and there is more water and air pollution in these two states.

Now that you have the basic knowledge of what prepping entails, you can choose what your next steps will be. Discount Lots is a fan of preparing and we admire these amazing people.

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