Best Places to Find Cheap Land for Sale Near Me

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Buying land can be one of the best investments you would ever make. Whether you’re looking to build your dream home or acquire a hunting lot, vacant lands are full of potential and offer great flexibility – for example, you can develop the land, wait or sell on.  

When looking to buy land, the cost will vary greatly depending on where you want to buy the lot, how much land you need, and what’s its intended use. The good news is, you can find affordable land all across the US. So if you’re wondering: “how to find cheap land for sale near me?” worry not — we’ve prepared a simple guide to get you there.

Where to Find the Cheapest Land for Sale

Before you start gathering all sorts of information on available land and writing it down into columns divided into cheap land for sale near me by owner, price and proximity to a major city, you should be aware of the different factors that impact the land’s price. For instance, developed lands with existing residential infrastructure for power, water, and sewage will be selling at a higher value than undeveloped lots, even if they are in the same area. Likewise, parcels with more significant revenue potential like farmlands or hunting grounds will also come at a higher price per acre. 

Based on average cost per acre, the cheapest land is generally found in more rural areas of the states, which have a prevalence of undeveloped land compared to the more urbanized areas of the country. Depending on what you’re looking for, let’s explore the best places to find cheap land for sale. 

Cheapest Hunting Land for Sale 

The southwest region is the best starting point if you want to own hunting land. Parcels are cheaper there compared to other places as there’s little-to-no competition between buyers of farming or recreational land. Hunting lands in Texas and Oklahoma are a great choice if you prefer mild winters. Additionally, these states are homes to game animals like deer, elk, and antelopes. The price per acre in Texas and Oklahoma starts at $1,700. However, in some remote counties in West Texas, you might buy up to seven acres of land for under $5,000

Suppose you’re not a fan of mild winters but enjoy cold weather while hunting, you can take a look at the northern region of the country. Minnesota and Wisconsin offer ample farmland and have a variety of game animals. However, the average price for hunting land is above $2,300. The slightly higher price is probably correlated with farmland values and the region’s development potential. 

The Southeast region can also offer great hunting property for sale. The best states include Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, and Louisiana. If you’re interested in hog hunting and small game hunting, you can consider buying land in any of these states for as low as $2,400 per acre. 

Cheapest Residential Land for Sale

Buying land for personal, non-commercial use is a great investment. Whether you are looking to build your dream house or multifamily home, finding cheap land for sale can help you turn your vision into reality. 

Arkansas is ranked among the top states to buy land in. The prices are very cheap, starting under $8,000 per acre. Additionally, it has lower costs of living than the majority of the states. Plus, you can enjoy the beautiful parks, mountains, and gardens surrounding Arkansas. Some of the top cities to consider are Eureka Springs, Little Rock, and Hot Springs. 

Tennessee is another great choice for buying residential land cheaply. Plus, it’s a great investment place since the land value in the state is consistently going up. Similar to Arkansas, Tennessee has one of the lowest costs of living and astonishing natural beauty. The state is continuously expanding especially in cities like Nashville and Memphis. Prices per acre are starting at $6,000. 

Cheapest Farming Land for Sale

The farming land you buy is crucial in how successful your farming endeavor is. The most affordable farmland might not be the most picturesque, flat, and fertile soil — it’ll probably be an upper-fixer in outlying areas. 

According to land buyers, Montana is one of the best states to start a farm or ranch. Considering agriculture is the state’s biggest industry, this comes as no surprise. The average cost of an acre in Montana is the lowest in the US and the Treasure State trails only Wyoming in farm size with an average of 2,156 acres. You can also find farming land at bargain prices in Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and North Dakota, where prices per acre range below $2,000. 

On the other hand, Nebraska is a good choice if you want to buy cheap land for a small farm. The state gives tax credits and offers convenient lease options, which is a great advantage. What is more, there are numerous training programs for entry-level farmers. And with farms and ranches making up to 92% of Nebraska’s total land area, you shouldn’t have trouble finding the perfect fit for your needs.

Cheapest Land for Sale in Waterfront 

Residing near water grants you unprecedented serenity. Imagine waking up every day to the sound of the waves and ending the day watching glorious sunsets. Is this your dream? Then, you’d be happy to know that it’s possible to find tracts of land for sale near the water, especially in Washington and Oregon. 

These states have surprisingly affordable lands and you should start looking in regions like North Bend in Oregon which combines the attractiveness of the modern city and the Adventure Coast. Likewise, in the Ocean Shores area, you can get affordable land with dazzling ocean views. And Seattle is only three hours away!

If you’re looking to buy low-cost land in warmer regions, you should consider Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and Boynton Beach in Florida. Finally, if you’re looking for lakeside land,  Pennsylvania and New York State offer cheap rural land with amazing views. 

Cheapest Land for Sale Near the City

Buying cheap land doesn’t only include lots in faraway locations. If you look at the right places, you can find affordable land for sale near the vibrant city centers. 

For instance, Coxsackie in New York State is a great spot for building your home or vacation home. For under $2,500 per acre, you’ll get the tranquility small towns offer and easy access to Albany and New York City, which is less than three hours away. 

Lexington, Kentucky, is another option to entertain. The land near the city ranges between $4,000 and $6,000 per acre. For such an affordable price, you’ll be getting easy access to the benefits the big city offers combined with the perks of open land. That said, you can find affordable lots close to big cities almost all over the country. Tampa Bay, Tennessee, Florida, New York, and Buffalo, are just some of the states considered hot spots for investing.  

The Bottom Line

Whatever the type of land for sale you’re looking for, you can find bargain deals all across the country. But, don’t buy the land just because it’s cheap! Instead, find the lot that’s going to work best for your specific needs while also making sense for your finances. Carefully consider what type of land you need, the area’s growth expectancy, tax obligations, zoning requirements, and topography before making the investment. And if you don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help here at Discount Lots!

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