Top 5 Advantages of Moving from California to Texas

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The population of the state of Texas has been consistently growing in the past decade, bringing in four million new residents. In 2021 only, Texas saw the highest annual and cumulative numeric gain — 1.1% and 1.3%, respectively. And according to recent data, the bulk of Texas’ new residents come from California. More than one of every 10 people moving to Texas is from the Golden State. A trend that prevailed in the pandemic too. Wondering what makes Texas so attractive? Read on to find out the top five advantages of moving from California to Texas. 

How Much Does Moving from California to Texas Cost?

California has plenty to offer — lots of sunshine, beautiful beaches, unbeatable nature, amazing state parks, and cultural diversion. Yet, some 82,000 Californians move to Texas every year. 

The Golden State has the highest income tax in the US and extremely high real estate prices. These factors make the cost of living in the state unbearable for many. On the other hand, Texas’ population has continued to grow in the past decade as people are drawn by the affordable houses, low taxes, and low-regulation style. 

Most Californians moving to Texas are located between the state’s largest metropolitan areas: Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Austin. The Houston area is most popular for Los Angelenos, whereas Southern Californians prefer Travis County. El Paso and Bell County are very popular among movers from San Diego. 

The average price of moving from California to Texas is $4,157. However, the actual cost depends on variables such as the exact distance of the move — moving more than 1,000 miles can cost up to $7,000. Other factors like the number of items being moved, special handling instructions, and any additional services will also impact the price. 

Top Advantages of Moving from California to Texas

An increased number of Californians choose to move to Texas. This includes celebrities like Elon Musk and Elijah Wood and businesses like Oracle and Google. We’ve researched what makes the Lone Star State so attractive for Californians and outlined the top five advantages of moving from California to Texas. 

Lower Taxes

The Lone Star state is one of the nine US states that don’t have any individual income tax. This is one of the biggest draws for people entertaining the thought of living in Texas, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs. When it comes to sales tax, it’s only 6.25%. Even though the sales tax can be as high as 8.25% in some jurisdictions, the overall tax bite in Texas is one of the lowest in the country. 

On the other hand, California’s corporate income tax is 8.84% and is considered the highest in the country. Moreover, Californians pay as much as 12.3% in state income tax on a personal level and between 7.25% and 10.25% in sales tax. California spends about 60% more than Texas on a per-resident basis. The state and local tax revenue per capita is $7,326 per state resident in California compared to $4,709 in Texas. 

More Affordable Housing

Whether you’re looking to rent a house or buy vacant land in Texas, the prices are significantly lower than those in California. For example, the average cost per acre in Texas is a little under $3,000 compared to the average cost per acre in California, which ranges from $5,000 to $12,000. When it comes to renting, a three-bedroom home in Houston is around $1,600, whereas in LA, you’d pay nearly $2,700. 

If you’re planning on purchasing a house in Texas, it could cost you around $250,000, while the average price of a house in California is more than double, sitting at an average of $650,000. To put things into perspective, Texas has only 7.8% of homes priced over $500,000, whereas California has 57.8%.

Better Employment Opportunities

Texas’ economy is booming, opening high-paying employment opportunities for Texas residents. The state is home to many Fortune 500 US businesses. American Airlines, AT&T, Oracle, and Dell Technologies are some of the country’s leading companies that call Texas home. 

Additionally, the Lone Star State produces 40% of its oil and 25% of its natural gas. It’s also one of the largest wind power producers and home to 10% of the country’s manufacturing businesses. The Texan economy is further supported by healthcare, agriculture, aeronautics, entertainment, and computer technology industries. 

Top-Notch Education

Thanks to its reputation for excellence in education, Texas is very popular with families. The state is continuously upgrading its education system, striving towards better results. There are private and public elementary and grad schools with excellent results where students of fourth and eight grade have achieved higher average scores in science, reading, and math than those in other states. Houston Independent School District and Highland Park Independent School District are some of the best school districts in the state. 

In addition, Texas has an ample variety of higher education opportunities, boasting more than 200 universities and colleges. Among them, you can find high-ranking education colleges like Texas Tech University, the University of Texas at Austin, Rice University, and Southern Methodist University. 

Tasty Food, Friendly People, and Lots of Entertainment

Texas is dubbed the top food state in the US – a hot spot for foodies, offering diverse cuisine from traditional Mexican dishes to barbecue. You can find diverse restaurants and eateries that are also very affordable compared to those in California. 

Furthermore, Texas, especially Dallas and Austin, is widely known for its exciting nightlife and various tourist attractions. From amusement parks and nightclubs to sports games and rodeos, there’s something for everyone. Another thing that is a great advantage when living in Texas is southern hospitality. The people are going above and beyond to show kindness so you’ll immediately feel at home. 

In Conclusion

If you’re thinking about moving from California to Texas, you aren’t alone. An increased number of people are choosing Texas to be their home, drawn by the ample job opportunities, beautiful and diverse landscapes, low taxes, affordable housing, friendly people, and delicious food. If you want to feel right at home, Discount Lots has nearly 30 properties in Texas, and we’re always adding more. So, start browsing now and grab the amazing opportunities that Texas offers. 

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