Dream Big in California! These Vacant Lots Are for Sale Now.

Vacant Lots in California

California is one of the most popular destinations to buy land in North America. The state is famous for many unique sights. To name a few, California is known for Hollywood, Disneyland, Wine County, Silicon Valley, Beaches, Surfing, and more! The Golden State is the most diverse state in America and people love to explore its beautiful landscape.

All of these features make California a wonderful place to buy and own vacant land. The size of the state makes for a variety of terrains and features. California is bordered by Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, the Mexican State of Baja California, and the Pacific Ocean. These borders make for great travel destinations and adventures. There are so many places around the state and outside of it to visit.

Discount Lots has over 400 properties available for sale on our site. We want to feature some properties in Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and Lake County. These three counties are wonderful, and we have some beautiful lots to learn about.

Los Angeles County and Riverside County are within driving distance to Joshua Tree National Park. This national park is not only beautiful to explore, but it offers many activities. Experience the cultural history, ancient Joshua Trees, wildflowers, rock formations, and more. You can go rock climbing, hiking, bouldering, camping, and visit mine sites. The park offers two completely different ecosystems, which are the Colorado Desert and the Mojave Desert. You could spend days or even weeks at this park because there is so many adventures to enjoy!

In Lake County, the Mendocino National Forest is one you don’t want to miss. It offers hundreds of thousands of acres of mountains, hiking trails, lakes, rivers, and more! The park offers camping, hunting, fishing, and OHV riding. If you are looking for adventure in Lake County, this is definitely a great place to find it!

Los Angeles County

LA County is home to Universal Studios, Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica Pier, and several museums to enjoy. There are 21 lakes and reservoirs in the county that are perfect for outdoor adventures! Los Angeles County is a great place to own land in because of its beautiful features as well as its employment opportunities.

Discover This 2.50-Acre Lot in Pearblossom, CA!

Vacant Lots Are for Sale

This lot is in Los Angeles County near Las Vegas and Palm Springs. Palmdale, Joshua Tree National Park, and other historic Route 66 attractions are some more adventures this area has to offer. Next to Wildlife Sanctuary and Crystalaire County Club, this 2.50-acre vacant property is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

This land is zoned A-2: Heavy Agricultural. In this zoning code, there are several permitted and conditional uses. Please contact Discount Lots or Los Angeles County with any questions!

  • Permitted Uses: Single-family dwellings, crops including field, tree, bush, berry, and row, community gardens, dog kennels and training, grazing of cattle, horses, sheep, goats, hogs or pigs, and llamas or alpacas.
  • Conditional Uses: Mobile homes, RV parks, rodeos, athletic fields, wild animals for private/commercial use, places of worship, campgrounds, outdoor festivals, and drive in theaters

This stunning lot is listed at $19,998 with payment plan options!

Check Out This 5.13-Lot in Llano, CA!

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Open your door to the world of western living with this 5.13-acre lot in Llano, California. This lot provides gorgeous mountain views, has great access to the I-5 corridor located within 25 minutes, and is an amazing investment opportunity! Close to amenities and ready for you to fulfill your dream of owning land!

This land for sale is zoned as A-2: Heavy Agricultural like the listing above. Please call Discount Lots or Los Angeles County if you have any questions.

Priced right at $7,999 with payment options! What are you waiting for?

Riverside County

Riverside County is the 4th largest county in the big state of California. It is home to Rancho Jurupa Sports Park, nature centers, and historic museums. This county grows each day bringing more opportunities around the area. It is a beautiful county to make your home.

Explore This 0.12-Acre Lot in Cabazon, CA!

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This property is a great spot in a growing community. Surrounded by the beautiful El Paseo Rancho California Sycamore Canyon Preserve. Located near many amenities and adventures, this lot is perfect for you! Enjoy Pacific Crest Trail, Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa, as well as the Canyon Lanes at Morongo.

This land for sale is zoned W-2-M, which stands for Controlled Development Area with Mobile Homes Zone also known as Low Density Residential. Please call Discount Lots or Riverside County with any questions.

  • Permitted Uses: Single-family dwellings, mobile homes, personal/commercial agricultural, and animals
  • Conditional Uses: Meat packing, guest ranch, and motel

This lot in Riverside County is listed at $22,999 with payment plan options!

Own This 0.11-Acre Lot in Lake Elsinore, CA!

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This property is the perfect space in a welcoming place! Located in the heart of Lake Elsinore, this lot is close to amenities and perfect for you to live out the lake dream. Other than many water activities, there are plenty of restaurant and shopping options to choose from. Lake Elsinore has it all: beauty, recreation, a warm coastal climate, and fabulous year-round weather!

This land for sale is zoned as R2: Medium Density Residential. Please call Discount Lots or Riverside County with any questions.

  • Permitted Uses: Single-family dwellings, personal agriculture and animals, two/multi-family dwellings, lodges, apartments with proper site planning
  • Conditional Uses: Mobile homes

This property is listed at $13,999 with payment options!

Lake County

Lake County has the cleanest air in California certified the State’s Air Resources Board! Wow! The county is home to Clear Lake, which is the largest, natural freshwater lake in the golden state of California. Many people visit this beautiful county for the wine. There are over 30 wineries in the county and wait for it…more than 9000 acres of vineyards! Time for a taste!

Check Out This 0.18-Acre Lot in Clearlake, CA!

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This property is stunning and in a very desirable location. Located on a relatively secluded street that puts you close to some of the area’s most popular attractions. Perfect for nature lovers who are looking for some privacy while eager to keep their options open when it comes to work, entertainment, dining and more. Explore the beautiful lake as well as Redbud Park and Highlands Park!

This vacant land for sale in Lake County is zoned as R1: Low Density Residential. Please call Discount Lots or Lake County with any questions!

  • Permitted Uses: Single-family dwelling or mobile home, one foster or small family home, supportive housing, small family daycare not more than 6 people, horses, and barns
  • Conditional Uses: Bed and Breakfast, and temporary dwelling

This lot is listed at $9,999 with payment plan options! Get it now!

Grab This 0.12-Acre Lot in Clearlake, CA!

dream big in california

This parcel is quaint and located in a lakeside community. Experience the wonderful setting situated minutes from downtown Clearlake. There are many nearby shops and other amenities. Not to mention, water activities! Explore Clearlake Resort which is located less than 10 minutes from the property.

This land for sale in Lake County is zoned RL: Rural Lands. Please call Discount Lots or Lake County with any questions!

  • Permitted Uses: Single-family dwelling or mobile home, agricultural uses, game preserves, geophysical investigations for natural resources
  • Conditional Uses: Commercial diaries, private hunting and fishing clubs, large kennels, and Bed and Breakfast

This property is listed at $14,999 with payment plan options!

California is a fabulous place to own cheap land in, it is the Golden state after all! If you are thinking about buying vacant land in this state, Discount Lots is here to help find the perfect plot for you.

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