Top 9 Under-the-Radar Uses for Vacant Land 

father and son growing community garden on vacant land

A piece of land is one of the most precious resources you could own. The possibilities you have are determined by the type of vacant property you have. To make the best use of your parcel of land, you don’t necessarily need to build on it — there are more options than you could think of. 

Check these nine under-the-radar uses for vacant land and make the most out of your property.  

Community Garden

Starting a community garden is the perfect solution if you own a piece of land that’s too big to manage on your own. This is also an excellent opportunity for vacant plots in the city. A community garden is an excellent venue for being outside and growing your food, but also a means to build community. 

Be sure to contact government officials to ensure starting a community garden is permitted in your area. Then, contact your neighbors and friends and ask them to join your initiative and form a committee that will be in charge of organizing the needs and developing a plan. Prepare the piece of land and determine how many plots you will have and how the plots will be assigned. Also, set some ground rules for participants and be sure to make them aware of what can and can’t be done.  


If you have experience and know-how to live off the land, you could consider using that knowledge to educate others. For instance, you can teach kids and adults valuable life skills such as how to collect firewood and more complex abilities like building a shelter using exclusively natural resources. Another option is to contact Boy or Girl Scout troops and offer your parcel for their camping trips. This can also be also a business opportunity and a means to create an extra revenue stream. 

Easement Access

Some people or companies may need to use your piece of property to access their landlocked property. For instance, your neighbor might want to build a path or a road that cuts through your property to gain access to the nearest main road. Or the local power company might need to use one piece of property to connect the utility line. Similarly, a large oil company might need to use your plot to access their drilling spot. In these cases, you could sell easement access, sell your property altogether, or lease a part of it. There are numerous options, so ensure you make a good deal.

Off-Grid Living

If you have a parcel of land in a remote location without access to public services, it could be ideal for living off the grid. This type of living is great if you’re looking for absolute freedom and love a minimalist, efficient, and self-reliant lifestyle. 

A life off the grid entails being self-sufficient and not reliant on a utility for power. Installing a solar power system with photovoltaic panels to receive and generate energy from the sun, as well as using batteries to store that energy for later, is one way to accomplish this. Of course, you’ll need your wells, septic tanks, and alternative fuel sources. You’ll also have to learn how to grow and preserve your food.

Wildlife Preservation

Plants and animals that rely on the ecosystems that historically populated the fertile areas now mainly used for agriculture can benefit from wildlife habitat. Providing a natural wildlife habitat has numerous benefits for the environment. It contributes to the long-term survival of animals and plants, plays a significant role in sustainable agriculture, helps control erosion, assists in the management of salinity, provides shelter, and links the landscape into a network that allows wildlife movement and genetic exchange.

So if you’re passionate about environmental protection, simply preserving the piece of land will be one of the most under-the-radar uses of vacant land for sale. Most importantly, it’s a chance for you to show that you care about keeping the native plants and animals alive so that they can continue to enrich our ecosystem. 

Wetland Preserve

Some properties located in the middle of a wetland area are mainly useless. You can’t build on it and there’s not much dry ground, making it difficult to use for conventional purposes. But, wetlands are very important for nature’s ecological processes. So preserving these properties means you’re allowing nature to take its course. You’ll assume an important role in protecting the environment and providing a safe haven for many of the plants and animals that thrive in this type of setting.

Dog Park

If the plot of land you own doesn’t have a desirable use and you live in a residential neighborhood, starting a dog park might be the right move. Designating a safe place where dogs can play can be a great way to earn some extra cash and give back to your community.

There’s no need for a large upfront investment and there are little-to-no management costs. You’ll need a simple fence and approval from your local planning commission. 

Donate Your Land

Many land owners decide to donate their vacant land. First of all, it can be highly satisfying. People who have lived in a small town have a strong attachment to their community, and gifting a plot of land is an effective way to ensure that a town’s most attractive features are preserved for the long term. 

Also, donating land has economic benefits too. Giving a piece of land to a community or a nonprofit organization specializing in the acquisition and protection of open space presents an excellent opportunity to create tax savings

Create Spiritual Retreat

Have you ever wished to have a place where you could go, disconnect from the outside world, and recharge? Finding your spiritual peace is crucial to living a healthier, more balanced life. Surprisingly, finding an environment that fosters and encourages spiritual growth isn’t always easy. So, if you have a piece of property outside the city’s bustle and located against a scenic backdrop, you could open the doors and let people come there to concentrate, think, breathe deeply, perceive the beauty around them, and strengthen their spiritual basis.

Final Thoughts

You can do more with your vacant land than building a house or using it for farming. There are many underestimated and under-the-radar uses that can be especially fulfilling. Hopefully, these ideas have helped you realize the endless uses of raw land. If you’re still looking for the perfect piece of land, Discount Lots has the ideal options for your needs!

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