How to Use GPS To Find Your Land

How to Use Gps to Find Your Land

Before anyone buys vacant land, it is important to know how to get to a undeveloped property. There are many GPS applications that are available on smartphones that can help you access your property without any hassle! There are some GPS applications that cost money, but we want to talk about the best free GPS apps that are available and accurate.

What Are You Looking for in a GPS Application?

It is important to think about what all you want or need from a GPS application. Some people are pickier than others and there are apps out there for everyone. Ask yourself a couple questions before you pick an application to make sure you find the best one for you.

Are you looking for something to just get you from one place to another? Or do you want to add a stop, see traffic or other elements that may delay your route? Do you want to see where the best gas prices are? Do you want your application to provide you with a faster, alternate route in case of a road obstruction like a wreck or construction?

All of the questions above are great to ask yourself before you try out any GPS applications. Some may not have what you want, and you do not want to waste too much time on apps that aren’t helpful.

Best GPS Applications for Smartphones

There are plenty of apps out there for our smartphones. In fact, we see a new ones practically every day. As for GPS applications, sometimes it is hard to find which ones are taking up the most storage and which ones are going to provide you with the best direction.

If you have an iPhone, it automatically comes with the Apple Maps application. Apple maps is great with Google Earth as well as street views. It also provides you with traffic data in real time as well as directions for driving, public transportation, biking, and walking. Another great thing that Apple Maps provides is that it allows you to download directions for offline use in case you lose service or do not want to use up your data while walking your vacant land.

Another great GPS application that everyone talks about is Google Maps. Google maps is great for different forms of transportation, traffic issues, departure and arrival times, and downloading directions for offline use.

Waze is a very popular and well-designed GPS application as well because it warns you about accidents, construction work zones, police, road closures, and other traffic issues in real time. This allows you to choose an alternate route if Waze suggests one that is less time or less hassle. An awesome thing about Waze is that it is like a community. You can see other “wazers” on the road as well as share current gas prices and other information with each other. If you pass a wreck, you can report it for other drivers to be aware about, which is pretty cool if we say so ourselves.

You have probably heard of the desktop version of MapQuest, but there is also an app for that! MapQuest focuses on maps and directions, but there are also options for turn-by-turn directions and traffic issues to know about. With MapQuest, you can also find where the best gas prices are, and it gives you the option to search and book hotels and restaurant reservations!

In our opinion, these are the best overall free GPS applications that you can use on your smartphone or tablet. All of these applications have many pros and few cons. We suggest trying them out around your neighborhood and see which features you like best. Then you can decide which application will work best for you in the quest to find your property.

How Do I Find a Property Using GPS Coordinates?

Many GPS applications work best when you have an actual address to put in with the street address, city, state and zip code. For example, 1 Sunshine Lane, Sunny, FL 22222 would be a detailed address that would be fairly simple to find. If you do not have a specific address for an undeveloped property, which is common, you can use GPS coordinates. Discount Lots provides GPS coordinates in the property details section for each lot on our website. If there is not an actual address, then coordinates will be available. Many properties that we buy and sell do not have an official address listed with the county yet so we recommend using the GPS coordinates instead.

In the free GPS applications that we listed above; you can use the GPS coordinates to find the property even if there isn’t an official address.

What if I Want to Find the Four Corners of My Vacant Land?

So, you have found the undeveloped vacant land through GPS application and now you are wondering how to determine where the four corners of your new lot are so that you can mark them! Good question. On Discount Lots’ website, we provide the four corners in the property details section of each vacant lot. Once you have arrived at the property, you can use a different application to determine the four corners of the vacant land.

Some great applications that focus more on GPS coordinates are out there and ready for you to use. The GPS Coordinates app allows you to download, share and save coordinates for future use. Another one to use is Glonass which allows you to take a photo and link it to coordinates. Pretty cool, right? These two applications should succeed in getting you where you need to go and finding the four corners of a property.

If you want to get a more detailed application to find the four corners of your undeveloped vacant land, we have some other suggestions that may interest you. These applications are mostly used for things like hunting, camping, hiking, biking and more. onX Hunt is the number 1 GPS hunting map. onX Hunt has the most trusted and accurate data and it is free. Another great application is BaseMap, which allows you to search GPS coordinates, map outdoor adventures, and interact with the application’s community. You can find your exact location without cellular or WIFI service. Both of these applications allow for you to find where your property boundaries are and much more!

Now that you have a variety of free GPS applications to choose from, you are ready to travel to your potential or newly owned property. Discount Lots is here to help answer any questions related to accessing your vacant lot via address, GPS coordinates, as well as finding the four boundaries of the undeveloped land.

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