Found the Best 5 Acres for Sale near Me? Here’s How to Manage Them

View of a 5 acres land of vegetable plantation on the slopes of a mountain with light clouds and light fog

Five acres might seem like a small piece of land but with proper management, it’s possible to fit almost anything you need.  

One acre of land equals 43,560 square feet. Therefore, 5 acres translate to 217,800 square feet or 0.2 square kilometers. However, picturing 5 acres can be deceptive. To get a better idea, imagine 88 houses of 2,500 square feet. If this doesn’t paint the picture, visualize: 

  • 4 football fields
  • 77 doubles tennis courts
  • 378 boxing rings
  • 780 parking spaces
  • Almost 8,000 potatoes

Wondering where to find 5 acres for sale near me? Your best bet is to search online listings. Considering that the average cost per acre is $12,000, expect to pay about $60,000 for a 5-acre plot. 

What Can You Use a 5-Acre Property?

Five acres may not sound like a lot of land, but with careful planning, little creativity, and hard work, they can be very productive. You have endless possibilities as to how you use the space. Here are a few practical ideas. 

Build a Home

On 5 acres, you can build a single-family home with plenty of room for your family and space for a yard and even a small garden. If your land is located in a serene area, you can build a smaller house and use it for a weekend getaway. Depending on the local zoning, you may be able to consider a tiny home or a mobile home.

Start a Commercial Business

Granted that the land is zoned commercially, 5 acres give you plenty of space to start a business. While you might not be able to build a full-blown amusement park, you’ll have room for a retail center or a commercial building complex. 


A 5-acre tract of land can provide the space for many agricultural endeavors. One of the most popular and doable options is micro-farming. Micro-farms are a huge trend right now as they only require less than 5 acres of land and less labor than traditional farms. Consider specialty crops such as bamboo, garlic, oyster mushrooms, and ginseng if you want to make money from your land


If your goal is to live self-sufficiently and sustainably, 5 acres of land are ideal for homesteading. You’ll be able to grow enough food to sustain a family. Consider building a greenhouse to grow food during the cold winter season and selling excess crops at local markets to make an extra dollar. 

Raise Chickens, Goats, and Sheep

While you might not be able to raise cattle or other large animals on a 5-acre parcel, it’s perfectly possible to raise chickens. Chickens are easy to care for and produce an ample amount of eggs that you can use for yourself and sell. Goats and sheep are also fairly easy to raise and are suitable for beginners. 

Plant a Small Orchard

If you want to further cultivate your piece of land, starting a small orchard can be a good way to go. Of course, orchards require certain conditions so you will be able to do it only if your land is in a sunny area with at least eight hours of sunlight. 

How to Manage 5 Acres of Land?

You might have found the perfect 5 acres of land for sale near me but you aren’t sure how to manage them. We’re sharing some focal points to help you prepare well. 

Plan Ahead

Once you determine how you’ll use the land, you should map out what you’ll be putting in each area. For example, decide where you want to make a garden or plant the orchard. Then, research and learn if your goal is doable. If you plan to build a house or any other construction, consider how much space it will take and decide what’s the best spot. 

Mow the Grass Around

Grass poses a significant liability for property owners. Injury lawsuits, municipal violations, and grass fires are just some of the issues you may face. Other potential problems are associated with snake lairs, rodent infestations, and mosquito habitats. Vacant lots with tall grass are also great hiding places and often attract illegal dumping. Mowing the grass regularly helps you reduce these risks and comply with local regulations. 

Moreover, it helps you keep your land under control. When maintaining your property nice and tidy, you can tell where your boundaries are. It will also help pinpoint where each area starts within the land.  

If you decide to mow the land, you’ll have to purchase proper equipment. This usually involves heavy-duty riding or a commercial zero-turn lawnmower. Mowing can be time-consuming, especially during the growing season. So, if you want to save time, you can hire a professional lawn service. Prices range from $70 per week to $100+ per month. 

Invest Time in Landscaping

Maintaining 5 acres of land isn’t that hard with a good plan. You can plant small gardens and section them off by using raised beds or wood fences. If you don’t want to put too much effort in it, native flowers are always a good idea. They look beautiful yet are fairly inexpensive and easy to maintain. 

A rock garden is another option to consider. It requires minimum upkeep and creates diversity in the land. Moreover, you can plant screening plants to enhance the space and obtain privacy from neighbors and street traffic.

Water features such as an acre pond or fountain can add beautiful views and create a feeling of serenity. The good news is that you can add a water body to your property by recycling features that require less maintenance.  

Finally, if you’ve built a house, consider building a patio. It’s one of the most popular outdoor spaces which can be used as a family area, recreational property zone, or guest entertainment. If your budget allows it, build a firepit too.  

Remove Debris and Take Care of the Soil

Accumulated trash and litter are unattractive, but it also provides housing for snakes and rodents. In order to keep your plot tidy, you should always clean up the debris; trim any bushes and trees around your property, prune overgrown and dead branches and shorten jungly shrubs. Then, you can shape them to improve their appearance and keep them neat.  

Make sure you also properly care for the soil. Add new mulch to keep your land fresh for longer since it helps retain soil moisture. It prevents evaporation, insulates the soil, maintains lower root temperatures, and inhibits erosion. As a result, plants will get the necessary nutrients and you’ll have fertile ground.

Final Thoughts  

Hopefully, we helped you understand better how you can put 5 acres of land to good use and manage the land successfully. If you’re wondering where to find the perfect 5 acres of land for sale near me, Discount Lots can help. Our goal is to help you find the plot you want and create the ideal space. 

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