Fun Ways to Spend Your Time in Morongo Valley

Big Morongo Valley Canyon Preserve

Morongo Valley is a small town on State Route 62 in San Bernardino County, California, US. It had a population of 3,552 at the 2010 census, up from 1,929 at the 2000 census. The people of Morongo Valley appreciate the advantages of rural life and are adamant about maintaining it. They value their rural community’s safety, peace, slower-paced life, and affordability. 

Moreover, Morongo Valley residents appreciate the natural desert environment and the characteristics that are typical of the area. Such are open spaces, spectacular views, wildlife, dark skies, and cool summer nights. The Big Morongo Canyon Preserve and the contrasting lush environment that the wetlands canyon give the town a special beauty. 

The Morongo Valley community does everything to maintain these unique characteristics. Over the year, it continues to be a safe small town with low-density development on spacious lots surrounded by the desert’s and mountains’ natural splendor.

The residents treasure the spirit and diversity of the community, in particular, the willingness of the people of Morongo Valley to engage, volunteer, and work together on important matters. The residents and businesses of Morongo Valley pride themselves on having their own Fire Department and highly value the emergency services and general support to the community that the Fire Department provides.

If this sounds like a place where you could move, you’d be glad to learn that you can buy land for sale at affordable prices. But before you delve into land shopping, check the top fun ways to spend your time in Morongo Valley.

Check the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve 

Most people don’t know about the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, but hikers and bird watchers love it. It’s situated between two distinct worlds, 20 minutes from Joshua Tree National Park and 20 minutes from Palm Springs. You’ll see a lot of birders with their binoculars and tripods. Take your time and listen to nature as you walk the trails. The Big Morongo Canyon Preserve also has a wheelchair-accessible trail and it’s suitable for families with children. 

Have a Movie Night at the Groves Cabin Theatre

Around 1985, Bill and Joy Groves founded The Theatre. This modest, cozy theatre has a long history of critically acclaimed performances that have won numerous Desert Theatre League honors. Located on a dusty dirt road in Morongo Valley, the theatre has 24 seats and offers a unique experience where contemporary plays mix with tropical vibes. Prices are continually low while production values are high.

Have a Cup of Coffee at the Morongo Valley Cafe

The Morongo Valley Cafe serves delicious food and has a little museum filled with fascinating old photographs. Many equestrian enthusiasts are in and around the area, and the wide open spaces are ideal for horse lovers. For gardeners, there is a top-notch nursery nearby that goes by the name of Cactus Mart. They sell a vast selection of plants that are tolerant of the desert and some fantastic yard art. Another interesting fact to know if you like guns is that you may practice shooting targets at the Hi-Desert Rod & Gun Club Range.

Try Horseback Riding at the Crazy Horse Ranch

If you’re up for a calming horse ride in stunning mountain scenery, the Crazy Horse Ranch is a must-visit. Just north of Palm Springs, the family-run Crazy Horse Ranch provides private trail rides, lessons, long-term holiday rentals, and horse rescue. Additionally, there’s a beautiful venue for kids’ camps, barbecues, weddings, and other events.

Feel Like a Part of the Community at the Covington Park  

The tight-knit community holds regular events at Covington Park Community Development District, which includes a skateboard park, playground and a community center. The CDD is an independent local unit of special-purpose government providing a different approach to the planning, financing, building, running, and maintaining other public projects and community amenities.

Visit the Fellow Earthlings Wildlife Center

Another hidden gem is the Fellow Earthlings Wildlife Center, which is the home for retired Meerkats. The non-profit organization established in 1989. It’s the only institution that has private authorization with a focus on meerkat care (Suricata suricatta). The location was carefully chosen for its environment, which nearly resembles that of the meerkats’ native home in the Kalahari Desert of southern Africa. Nowadays, the center is closed to the public, but donations are welcome. Also, there’s an adoption program that can gain the opportunity to be placed on a visitor list. 

Make an Appointment at the CottonWood Canyon Ranch 

Morongo Valley’s well-known horseback riding location is called CottonWood Canyon Ranch. It offers horseback riding trails through Hot Springs, Palm Springs, and Palm Desert. It also includes a wrangler to lead you on the route who will share some knowledge about the location while they are traveling. The private rides are designed for both beginner and expert riders. 

Visit Coyote Ridge Stable 

The Coyote Ridge Stable has been drawing visitors from far and wide for more than 20 years because it’s renowned for providing one of the best horseback trail riding experiences in the Morongo Valley. Here, various rides are available for people with different ability levels, and a knowledgeable guide will accompany you on every ride. You could experience some of the most breathtaking vistas of San Jacinto and the San Gorgonio mountains by hiking the guided paths through the gorges of the Morongo Valley. Likewise, choosing a trail ride with the Coyote Ridge Stable could experience the desert landscape’s richness and the captivating beauty of wildlife.

Whale Watching Near Morongo Valley

Families visiting Southern California can find plenty of enjoyable things to do, such as whale watching and thrilling activities. Whale watching near Morongo Valley is available year-round and it’s safe and stable because the boats are designed for visitors to get up close. 

Final Thoughts

Morongo Valley is a town full of surprises. Combining desert living, proximity to nature, and a tight-knit community, it’s the ideal place for nature enthusiasts. Including as well all those who love the small-town vibe. In addition, Morongo Valley takes pride in its community’s values, the community’s spirit and diversity. Residents’ willingness of to be engaged, volunteer, and work together on important matters is astonishing. If this sounds like something you might find appealing, contact Discount Lots to find the perfect plot of land. 

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