Top 5 Things to Know About Buying Unrestricted Land Near Me

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Unrestricted land typically refers to a piece of land that doesn’t have the same limitations that homeowner’s associations impose. Such can be restrictions on home size, color, or style. On unrestricted land, you might be able to get a mobile home or build a tiny house. Animals might not be subject to any limitations either.

When a piece of land is labeled as “unrestricted,” it sells fast. Therefore, check the top tips and tricks on finding the best unrestricted land for sale near me and making it yours.  

What Exactly Is Unrestricted Land?

Many people think a person can do whatever they please on an unrestricted plot of land. But, that’s not entirely true. Unrestricted land doesn’t have any HOA restrictions, but there are still numerous types of restrictions that might apply. 

For example, the local town or county may still force you to proceed with development following their building code even if the plot of property has no HOA or zoning restrictions. This means that you will also require a building permit to build anything. Although the restrictions on the types of building materials you can use are flexible, building codes are frequently not adaptable in terms of permitted usage. In addition, there may be different types of regulations and restrictions imposed, such as: 

Deed Restrictions

Deed restrictions may restrict the types of structures allowed to be built on the property. These limitations may require homes in communities to have similar features. Common deed restrictions refer to the architectural style, color of the roof, type of fences, and mailbox styles. 

Even if the house isn’t part of a community, there might be deed restrictions that limit the distance between houses, how far back houses can be from the road, and even how many vehicles can be parked in a driveway. The deed limitation might restrict the potential use of the property. For example, the land parcel you’re eyeing may only be suitable for single-family houses. Therefore, your plans of starting a chicken farm may have to be postponed for another time and another property.

Easement Restrictions

It’s not unusual for a property to have easements. They can include building traffic, utility, street, or sewer easements and easements for power lines, building setback lines, and gas lines. If there’s an easement on the property you intend to buy, you cannot stop the easement holder from utilizing your land in accordance with the terms of the agreement. Doing so will hinder the easement holder from utilizing the easement as intended, so you might be restricted from building or developing on the property.

Zoning Restrictions

Zoning regulations govern the usage and development of properties. Most cities have different zoning regulations, specifically designated zones for commercial, multi-family, industrial, and residential uses. For example, you probably won’t be able to construct a high-rise apartment building on land described as unrestricted but in a residential area. 

You can get a copy of your local ordinance or inquire about your property’s zoning designation by contacting your neighborhood zoning office, city hall, or other local planning board.

How to Find Unrestricted Land for Sale Near Me

Now that you know what unrestricted land actually means, it’s time to learn a few tricks to find unrestricted land for sale near me.

This type of land is desirable to land buyers, thanks to its usage flexibility. In addition, specifying that the land is unrestricted tends to increase marketability, so it’s sometimes specified in the listing description that the land is unrestricted. However, even if the land is labeled as unrestricted, you should double-check to verify because of the potential deed, zoning, and easement restrictions.

More often than not, it isn’t that obvious that the land is unrestricted. Land listings often don’t specify this information as they would then be liable for having told you that. Instead, you can find out the land’s type and status by examining each category provided on the land listing sites. This will give you the needed information to determine whether you can utilize the property as you intend. Alternatively, you could contact the seller and ask them whether the specific property you’re interested in is unrestricted. Of course, you can always double-check with the county office. 

Keep in mind that if your property is unrestricted, then it’s likely that your neighbor’s is as well. This means there are likely no restrictions on having a large number of cattle or converting their property into a junkyard. This would be entirely out of your control, yet it could significantly impact the value of your property.

The Best Use of Unrestricted Land for Sale Near Me

A common option for unrestricted land use is homesteading. You can cultivate your food, keep livestock, and live off the land. You might also live off the grid and pursue a sustainable and self-sufficient style.

If the state laws and regulations allow it, unrestricted land is probably a great option for building a tiny home. Moreover, this type of land gives you the freedom to live in a mobile home or recreational vehicle. Other unrestricted land uses include timber sales, farming, and livestock raising. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that the local laws and zoning restrictions allow you to do what you intend to do with the land before engaging in any of the uses mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

Unrestricted land near me can be a fantastic find, but you must do your homework to confirm that there are no unforeseen limits or limitations. Be sure to check if the lot is actually unrestricted in terms of zoning constraints, deed restrictions, easements, and other local rules. 

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