What Makes Land the Best Gift to Give Yourself This Labor Day

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Labor Day is a national holiday that celebrates the accomplishments and sacrifices of American workers in all industries in the late 1800s. It’s celebrated on the first Monday in September and has been a legal holiday since 1894. In addition to being the greatest holiday for workers, it’s also the final three-day summer weekend, making it the ideal opportunity to fit in some last warm-weather activities. There are many ways to enjoy and make the most out of the holiday. In cities and towns around the US, Labor Day is celebrated with parades, picnics, barbecues, fireworks displays, and other events.

But, if you want to make Labor Day truly memorable this year, you can give yourself the greatest gift — your own plot of land. Thanks to technological advances, buying land is now easier than ever. You could do it from the comfort of your couch while enjoying the holiday weekend! Reputable land sellers like Discount Lots make the path to land ownership as easy as it gets.

If you’re still not convinced that land is the best gift to give yourself for Labor Day 2022, continue reading.  

Land Is in High Demand

Land for sale is a limited resource. Think about it — you can’t simply produce land. The demand for land rises consistently with the number of the global population, which in turn drives up its value. This means that owning land could translate into high profits along the way. Particularly if you purchase land in a location that is anticipated to see significant expansion in the coming years.

You Can Buy It Online

Only a while back, you would have had to drive to the property several times until closing. Nowadays, the entire land buying process happens online. Using the professional land selling sites and the free tools you have at your disposal, you can find exactly the property you’re looking for. Since there are no buildings or any improvements on vacant land, you can easily do the inspection virtually. And if you complete the necessary research, you can purchase your piece of land without ever having to set foot on the property.

Land Value Steadily Appreciates

Buying yourself a piece of undeveloped property is a far safer gift than investing in stocks. The land won’t disappear or become worthless overnight. Quite the contrary, its value keeps increasing no matter how the global economy is doing. Research the area, adjacent properties, and allowed land uses before purchasing the vacant site. 

Also, when considering buying a property, it’s crucial to have at least a broad plan about what would you do with it. For instance, buying land in a growing area would be good, especially if your main objective is to get land that grows in worth over time. Similarly, purchasing undeveloped land with easy access to natural resources like grass, air, and sunlight could be a great deal if you want to make some additional money.

You’ll Be Gifting Yourself a Future Full of Possibilities

If you buy yourself land, you’re getting more than just a property. You’re giving yourself a world full of possibilities and investments that will only improve with time. The best thing about owning land is that you may theoretically do whatever you want on the property. For instance, you could build a magnificent home or even several apartments for the whole family. Moreover, you could establish offices if the site is zoned for business. Similarly, if the piece of land is zoned for agriculture, you can start a farm there. There are also more creative land use options, such as building an outdoor shooting range, starting a microbrewery, or planting a vineyard. 

It’s a Hands-Off Investment

Have you had it with difficult tenants yet? How about the countless other problems that come with owning properties, such as plumbing, pests, mold, grass upkeep, busted pipes, malfunctioning furnaces, and so forth? When purchasing undeveloped land, you don’t have to worry about any of it. Once you purchase it, it requires no maintenance. Additionally, you don’t have to obtain property insurance, and even if you do, it is much more affordable than a house’s coverage.  

It’s A Great Source Of Passive Income

Using a plot of land to earn passive income requires only a small amount of work. For instance, you can simply watch its value appreciate without lifting a finger. Alternatively, you might consider renting the land out to other companies or turning the undeveloped site into a tourist attraction or event place.  

Land Provides You with Extra Storage Space

Having your own undeveloped land to keep your excess items can make a significant difference, especially if you have a lot more stuff than you know what to do with. If you own your own land, you won’t need to use third-party storage facilities for more space. For example, vacant land can provide a great spot to keep trailers and recreational vehicles, as long as there are no special restrictions and regulations prohibiting it.  

The Vacant Land Could End Up Being Your Future Home

Finally, people looking to the future might see land ownership as more than just an asset that can be sold for cash. When you’re ready to retire, your vacant land might turn out to be your paradise, even though moving there now might not always seem like a tempting option. Vacant land can easily satisfy the desire of many retirees to leave the city and go off the grid.

Final Thoughts

Vacant land has the potential that can become anything you wish. You can either sell it to someone to develop, or when the time is perfect, you can just build it yourself. Gifting yourself raw land this Labor Day is the easiest method to achieve your goal of retiring and living off the land when you are older. 

The best thing is that Discount Lots can assist you throughout the entire process. We have a vast selection of undeveloped land in desirable locations. Also, we offer affordable prices and flexible payment plans, so make sure to give us a call today!

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