Top 5 Perks of Living in Presidio Texas 

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Presidio is a small town in Presidio County, West Texas, located on the Rio Grande River. The name is Spanish in origin and means “fortress.” Presidio has a suburban vibe and is ideal for families looking to avoid crowded cities. 

But buying land is a big decision, so you’d want to get to know the area before making an offer. Continue reading to learn more about the history of Presidio and the top five perks of living there. 

The History of Presidio

Presidio is the oldest town in the Big Bend area. The region is also considered to be the country’s oldest continually agricultural territory. There are records that show that the land has been farmed since 1500 B.C. Over the years, the region was renamed several times and underwent multiple changes. 

First, it became a stop on the fabled shipwrecked sailor’s tour in 1553 and Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca became the first Spaniard to visit the region which he named La Junta de las Cruces. Antonio de Espejo and his crew traveled there in late 1582 and named the location San Juan Evangelista.

By 1681, the name of the region changed to La Junta de Los Ros, or “the junction of the rivers,”. The reason for this is where the Rio Grande meets Rio Conchos. In 1830, the name was changed to Presidio del Norte. Following the end of the Mexican War, Anglo settlers began to arrive. Among them was John Spencer who established a horse ranch close to Presidio on the US side of the river.  The little settlement started developing and got a post office and a public school by 1887. 

The Kansas City, Mexico, and Orient Railway didn’t reach the border town until 1930. The town was incorporated in 1981. Presidio progressively increased its population from 100 in 1930 to 1,600 in the late 1980s. The population in 2010 was 4,426. According to Census population estimates, more than 6,100 people are calling Presidio home. Should you do the same thing too? 

Top Perks of Living in Presidio

Living in Presidio is a voyage through time and space, immersing you in a gorgeous desert wonderland. It has served as the basis for countless books, films, TV episodes, paintings, and other works of art. This magnificent region, which has only been marginally impacted by contemporary civilization, is truly unique. In addition, we present you the top five perks of living in Presidio Texas. 

Presidio Is Artists’ Haven

Taking in the beauty of the broad outdoors while observing, photographing, and touring the harsh, colorful landscapes inspires artists to create works. You should experience it first-hand since it’s so breathtaking that no movie or photo could possibly do it justice. Amazing sights may be found everywhere. From the eerie Chinati Mountains, where weird, inexplicable lights have been seen practically every night since the 1800s. Furthermore to the 300,000-acre Big Bend Ranch State Park, where two of the state’s biggest waterfalls can be seen.

You Can Establish a Profound Connection with Nature

Occasionally, you surely need to unplug from the constant stress of the contemporary, electronics-filled lives we live in. You might have a deep-seated yearning for the wonder of watching the sun set behind a towering mountain peak. Either for the peace of sitting by a mountain stream and taking in the breathtaking desert scenery that stretches out for miles in front of you. In densely populated cities, such a profound interaction with nature and our planet’s past is impossible. But, in Presidio Texas it would be your everyday life!

Residents of this vibrant and ancient region can also witness the glories of the cosmos every night. The Presidio Texas area invites you to reflect on the nature of the universe and the purpose of existence. Since it has some of the world’s darkest sky and some of the most fantastic stargazing. This location is perfect for stargazing because there isn’t much nighttime lighting, just like scientists have done for years at the neighboring McDonald Observatory.

You Can Explore the Abundance of History 

History enthusiasts will discover that the Presidio area is profoundly ingrained in local and global history. At the dawn of Egypt’s age of the pyramids and during the biblical Exodus, people lived in the region today known as Presidio. The late 19th century saw sporadic Comanche assaults and the menace of Mexican outlaws, notably the renowned Pancho Villa, who had his headquarters directly over the Rio Grande from Presidio. Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca came in 1535 AD.

Presidio Is a Treasured Gem for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Many people come for more than just the history and natural attractions; they also enjoy the beauty and freedom of driving and riding to explore the great outdoors and the most scenic routes in North America. The region has long been considered a hidden gem by motorbike aficionados from all around the nation. They claim that there is no experience quite like riding their vehicles while taking in the scenery of the area’s towering mountains and untamed beauty, as well as the fresh air and plenty of sunshine.

The Rio Grande offers a wealth of river rafting opportunities for those who want to ride the waves as it meanders leisurely past rocky valleys and steep mountains. Also, residents and visitors can experience beauties that words can’t quite express up close and personal with Jeep tours and mountain biking.

Top-Notch Safety

Presidio Texas is one of the safest regions in the country. The crime rate is less than 10% of the national average, and Ojinaga, a nearby town, is one of the safest in all of Mexico. So you won’t have to worry about anything if you decide to live in this lovely area rather than other, bigger border towns.

Final Thoughts

Presidio Texas is a truly unique desert town, brimming with the rough allure of the Old West and the natural splendor of mighty mountains, thundering waterfalls, and magnificent canyons. Add the tight-knit community and top-notch safety to that, and you’ll understand why Presidio is the ideal place for nature enthusiasts and those who love the small-town vibe.

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