Top 10 Things to Do in Marble Falls 

View from the top of a hill in Marble Falls, Texas

Marble Falls is a small town in Texas established in 1887 by Adam Rankin Johnson. He’s a former Confederate officer and Indian fighter. Situated in the Texas Hill Country, or the rolling hills of Central Texas, it’s surrounded by several lakes, state parks, breathtaking natural features, and numerous wineries.  

Living in Marble Falls has a sparse suburban vibe that can be a nice balance between rural places and larger suburban locations. The town’s unemployment rate is 4.7%, below the national average of 6%. At the same time, job growth is increasing. Marble Falls jobs have increased by 2.7%, and the cost of living is 2.7% lower than the US average. Land prices are also affordable compared to the big cities across the country. 

So, if you’re considering buying a plot of land in this quaint town, check the top things to do in Marble Falls. 

Have an Outdoor Adventure

Marble Falls is surrounded by some of Texas’ top state parks. Your first stop should be the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Discover the eight hiking paths in the park for beautiful views of the pink granite dome. Don’t skip the Summit Trail climb to the top of Enchanted Rock. In addition to hiking, rock climbing and camping are also among the top things to do in Marble Falls.

Shop With Locals In Historic Downtown

The Historic Downtown District in Marble Falls TX is a lovely, endearing area with distinctive, locally owned establishments. There are delightful clothes boutiques and vintage confectionery shops. You’re in for a treat if you enjoy sweets, gourmet dining, art galleries, and antiques. Within a few blocks, you may shop for clothing, visit a winery, and browse a gourmet chocolate store. 

Enjoy A Walk At Lake Marble Falls

Lake Marble Falls is one of the freshwater lakes that make up the Highland Lakes system. It’s centrally located between Lake Buchanan and Lake Austin, offering a wide range of activities, including swimming, boating, fishing, picnics, kayaking, and a lovely park. The nearby Lakeside Park is the perfect place to have a wonderful picnic with scenic views.

Visit the Sweet Berry Farm

Visiting Sweet Berry Farms is one of the top things to do in Marble Falls, and for a good reason. In the spring, you can harvest your own berries. During the summer months, you can enjoy sunflower picking and goat feeding. However, the Fall Festival held every year in October is what really stands out. Thousands of locals and tourists come to Sweet Berry Farm to enjoy various activities. Such may be making your own scarecrow from scratch, pumpkin painting, hayrides, sand art, bounce houses, and more. The Texas-themed corn maze and the expansive pumpkin patch are the festival’s two standout features.

Visit The Falls on the Colorado Museum  

Founded in 1891, the Falls on the Colorado Museum is housed inside a granite schoolhouse. It is the ideal setting for learning about the evolution of the city. It displays a fantastic assortment of images, records, and other artistic creations that effortlessly and amusingly tell the tale of Marble Falls. Going to this museum is like going back to when the city first emerged.

Explore Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge

At Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge, you won’t just be surrounded by lovely hill scenery; you’ll also be surrounded by wildlife. Due to the area’s significance to birds, it has been classified as a globally Important Bird Area. The Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge is a favorite of the golden-cheeked warbler and the black-capped vireo. An interesting fact is that the black-capped vireo was formerly considered an endangered species. However, today more than 14,000 birds live in the wild, thanks to locations like Balcones Canyonlands.  

Play a Round of Golf

Marble Falls is close to four outstanding golf courses, so you may play a round, enjoying the abundant natural surroundings. This region is undoubtedly a golfer’s delight, offering pristine views of the Texas Hill Country and lakeside scenery.

Take a Wine Country Tour

One of the best ways to experience the city’s breathtaking views of its neighboring hills, lovely roads, and far-reaching legs is to take a wine country trip. These excursions don’t just let you see the sights; they also allow you to sample food from various restaurants and wine from multiple vineyards.  

Admire Longhorn Cavern

Longhorn Cavern State Park gives guests an exciting Texas Hill Country escape less than an hour and a half from the hip and forward-thinking city of Austin, Texas. Since it first opened in the 1930s under the guidance of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the state park has become a well-liked destination for adrenaline seekers. The park’s main draw is Longhorn Cavern, one of the most amazing underground treasures ever discovered. The cavern was created as a result of an old river eroding limestone. You will be in awe of its majesty and be inspired by some of Texas’ most perfect examples of state-owned architecture. Guided cave tours and hiking routes around the picturesque surroundings are two activities you can enjoy in this lovely Hill Country park.

Drive Around and Admire the Scenery

One of the area’s attractions is the topography surrounding Marble Falls and Lake Marble Falls. Choose the Ranch to Market Road 1431, and you will enjoy stunning natural views of the Texas Hill Country as you drive around. As the road and hills enclose you, take in the beautiful sights of Burnet County. The iconic Texas bluebonnets and other wildflowers bloom in late spring and early summer, making this journey one of the best things to do in Marble Falls during that time. 

Final Thoughts

Marble Falls is a great small town with lots of little hidden treasures. Living here gives you the unique opportunity to experience some of the most breathtaking natural scenery, enjoy some exciting recreational activities, and dive into its colorful history and rich culture. If you want to experience the beauty of small-town living and be part of an amazing community, contact Discount Lots to find the ideal parcel of land. We have amazing finds at affordable prices and flexible payment plans! 

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