8 Ways to Make Money Farming 5 Acres of Land

tractor farming 5 Acres of Land

Traditional farms are dropping at a fast pace because the land is expensive and can be hard to find. But if you’re still dreaming of making a living off of your land, you should consider micro-farming. If you found the perfect 5 acres for sale near me, with proper management, creativity, and hard work, you can make your land profitable. You’ll need a few essential things to turn your small plot of land into a successful business. Here are eight ways to make money farming on 5 acres of vacant land. 

Grow and Sell High-Value Crops

To make a good living from farming, it’s best to focus on growing the most profitable crops. Growing niche products in demand and un-catered for by larger farmers can be very lucrative. Here are some options to consider.


Microgreens are a popular choice of farmers as they take up little space, have a quick turnaround, and have high cash value. They take up to three weeks to grow from seed to harvest and can sell for more than $15 per pound.  


Growing mushrooms can be a very profitable business. Oyster mushrooms, for example, grow for up to five weeks and sell for $10-20 per pound. They also don’t take up much space; you can quickly grow 25 pounds per square meter. 


Bamboo is used for numerous purposes, including food, fabric, and fencing. There’s a high demand for this plant as it can be planted year-round. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants and can yield significant returns. Depending on the species, one plant sells for around $35 and $60. 


Nicknamed “green gold,” ginseng promises a great return. It requires six years to harvest the mature roots, but you can sell young rootlets and seeds for income in the meantime. Over the six years, you can make about $200,000 per acre of land from mature roots, seeds, and rootlets. 


In addition to being indispensable for cooking, garlic is in high demand due to its numerous health benefits. This crop is ideal for the small farmer as it doesn’t take up much space and is resistant to weather conditions. You can also use value-added methods such as fresh garlic greens, garlic bread, and garlic powder to make additional income.

Broiler Chickens

Organic broiler chickens can also turn a nice profit on a micro-farm. They grow fast, so you’ll be able to raise and sell them quickly. The selling rate varies based on the breed, but expect to make $15-35 per bird.


Quails take up little space, grow and reproduce quickly, and have an excellent feed-to-egg conversion ratio. Plus, you can raise them with both eggs and meat, which helps you maximize profits. The average price per processed bird is $15.

Raise and Sell Flowers 

Flowers probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about farming and land use. However, they can be very cost-effective. With hundreds of varieties available, you can sell fresh cut flowers to the market, seedlings to be replanted in pots, or even raise edible flowers such as hibiscus, honeysuckle, and dandelion. 

Become a Market Gardener

Market gardening is small-scale farming that involves growing fruits, herbs, vegetables, and flowers and selling them directly to commercial places like restaurants. Typically, a market garden grows a diverse variety of crops instead of a monoculture. This type of garden is perfect for 5 acres and relies more on manual labor and gardening techniques than on large equipment required for large-scale agriculture. If you establish good sale outlets, you can make between $20,000 for mixed vegetables and $35,000 for herbs, salad mix, or cut flowers per acre. 

Rent Tiny Houses and Cabins

Agritourism is booming, poised to reach $117.37 billion by 2027. That’s a lucrative market to tap into. In addition to international tourists, you can make your accommodation attractive to city dwellers looking for a weekend getaway. Consider investing in building tiny houses, cabins, or barn homes. You can offer basic, family-style accommodation or a luxury experience in a glamorous farm cottage. Moreover, you can offer the guests a taste of life on a farm. They can ride a horse, pick fruit, attend a cooking class, or feed baby animals. 

Try Beekeeping

Bees are crucial for our ecosystem. In addition to being eco-friendly, beekeeping can be a profitable business idea. It’s also great when farming 5 acres as hives don’t take up much space and don’t require a lot of maintenance. You can then make money selling honey. The average retail price of natural honey is $8.50 to $10.50 per pound. Additionally, you can sell beeswax-based products, as well as offer classes, tours, and other experiences. 

Sell Farm By-Products

In addition to the core products, you can also make money from the by-products. For example, you can craft natural soaps from goat milk, cow milk, herbs, lavender, and other flowers you grow. Also, if you have extra fruits and vegetables, you can make jams, jellies, or preserves. Another great way to gross profits is to sell your extra seedlings or herbs. Moreover, if you raise turkeys, chickens, or quails, consider selling some hatchlings or fertilized hatching eggs for an extra profit.   

Teach Farming Classes

If you’re an experienced farmer and confident in your skills, sharing your knowledge with future farmers, children, or passionate individuals is an excellent way to make money from your land investment. For example, you could run tours, classes, and seminars, offer a workshop, or simply write a blog, letting people get a close-up of the farm life.   

Grow Hops for Local Breweries

Craft beer is a thriving industry. With more than 8,700 craft breweries in the US, there’s a great business opportunity in growing hops for beer production. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of space to grow hops. Hop vines grow densely so that you can plant about 1,200 plants per acre. Also, you can grow different types of hops such as Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook.  

Final Thoughts

Even though 5 acres doesn’t sound like a lot of land, there’s plenty of space to create a successful farm. There are many ways to maximize the profits and make a living off farming 5 acres of land. The key is to find the right plot of land, plan carefully, and put in hard work. You can always start small and then add another type of crop or plant another tree. Give it time and success will follow.  

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