What to Do with Your Own Vacant Land?

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A lot of people have a hard time thinking of things that they can do with their own vacant land. There are actually so many opportunities when it comes to owning vacant land. There are many ways to use it whether they are profitable or simply just relaxing and fun! The activities you can do on your vacant land will depend on where it is, but most of the time you can come up with a pretty long list of activities. We know that it is hard to think about, so we have come up with some ways to use your own vacant land below.

Planning out Your Lot

Before you dig into your lot and start getting creative, it is important to have some sort of plan. We encourage people to think about where they would want to spend the most time on their undeveloped lot. Is there a pretty view you want to look at? Is there a flat area you want to put infrastructure on? If you have a view you want to optimize, plan your landscaping around that. You can also think about certain activities you want to do while looking at the view. For example, drinking coffee, enjoying a meal outside with family, or playing an outdoor game. If you have a flat enough area to build on, then you should mark that with boundaries. There are many ways to plan out your lot and sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Make sure you check zoning rules on your property. There are many different types of zones. Checking the zoning will help you know if your property can be farmed on or if you can have housing. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for with zoning, then it is helpful to look at the vesting deeds in public records. Another important note is to check the county rules and regulations. You will want to be sure you know all the specifics before you do anything drastic.

To make planning your lot a little less overwhelming, we recommend drawing it out on paper, or on a computer. You can also take several pictures of the areas you have specific uses for and make note on each for how you want to use that area.

Landscaping on Your Own Vacant Land

At Discount Lots, when we think of owning land, we think of something beautiful. What can be created with two hands is so incredible, and it’s even better when the scenery is pretty. Landscaping is something you can be creative with and it is also very relaxing. It is fulfilling to see the finished product.

Here are some customers that created some beautiful landscaping with their own two hands. They used plants that were suitable for the environment that they bought their vacant land in! Collecting small rocks and placing them around the mulch is a fun and easy way to make your landscaping stand out! Adding contrast is always appealing.

Marking Boundary Lines on Your Vacant Land

Your Vacant Land

When you purchase your vacant land and you are ready to start working on it, it is important to be aware of where your property line ends. Before you start getting excited and digging deep in the dirt, you want to make sure you do not do anything too crazy on something that is not yours! You do not have to build a fence right away or create a big barrier. One of our customers just began marking their property line by drawing a line in the sand and using stakes to separate. You do not want to accidentally do something destructive on someone else’s property, so marking where your property ends is very beneficial!

Clearing Your Lot

What exactly do we mean by clearing a lot? Don’t take a bulldozer to it yet!! Clearing your vacant land for driveways and pathways can be very helpful. You may have a lot with a bunch of trees or plants throughout it. We do not encourage you to get rid of all of them, but just an area where you think a driveway will go or a walkway will fit well. Even if this is not first on your list, it is ideal to keep an area in mind so you do not use it for something that will be a headache to clear later on.

Building or Placing Infrastructure on Your Vacant Land

Many people get excited about what they are going to build on their vacant land or maybe they already have a building they want to place on their land. Before you do this, think about if you will be needing water or power. Once you have talked with your contractor and the local utility services, you can be sure you are ready to build!

One of our customers placed trailers on their vacant land. This can be a great idea because they can be used for so many things. For example, you can use trailers for storage, for a place to stay as a getaway, tiny homes for tourists, food trucks, and so much more! If you already know what you want to use it for, you can build or purchase a trailer that has the necessities already or you can just purchase a basic trailer that you can turn into pretty much anything. Find a flat area and start measuring how many you want to fit!

Things You Need for a Trailer on Your Vacant Land

Before you purchase a trailer for your vacant land, you need to follow necessary steps. You want to make sure you install the trailer correctly so that you can put it to use as soon as possible. We also just like to avoid any major conflict, right?

  1. Survey Your Land: Having a proper inspection done is important because it helps you make sure the area is safe and suitable for a trailer.
  2. Apply for Necessary Permits: Building or placing a building on your land comes with permits. For a trailer, you may need a transport permit, a building permit, and an utility connection permit, as well as an occupancy permit if you plan on having people stay in your trailer.
  3. Choose the Location: As we mentioned before, pick an area that you want to place your trailer on. Having this area in advance will help with the previous steps.
  4. Create the Foundation: Do you need thick concrete below your trailer? Or does the dirt need to be hardened? Having a foundation for your trailer is very important. Talk with a contractor to know what is best.
  5. Set up Utilities: What utilities will you need for your trailer? Think about these and get a head start on bringing them in before you bring in your trailer. Be sure of all that you will need to bring in these utilities successfully. Talking with a professional is a good idea.

Go through these steps and have a plan before you get too excited and place your trailer just anywhere on your undeveloped land. These tips will keep you from having to move your trailer later on or having a hard time in certain areas. If you are interested in a specific property or have purchased a property from us, we have a list of links and general information about zoning for popular counties that we sell land in.

At Discount Lots, we believe that having your own land brings more space and more freedom. Getting away from the city can be relaxing or even a fun family activity. Two hands can create a lot more than you think and there is something fulfilling about working hard with beautiful scenery. You may find that it is your new hobby. Use your imagination when you are thinking about what you can use your vacant land for. The options are endless!

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