How to Profit From 50 Acres of Land

How to Profit from 50 Acres of Land

Buying vacant land is a lot to think about, but it is also an incredible opportunity. Many people buy land to have a retreat and a peaceful place to spend their spare time. A lot of other people buy land to make a profit from it. While there are many different things to do on your land to make a profit, sometimes it can be hard to narrow it down and determine the right option for you. Investing your time and money in land can be overwhelming, but it can bring you more joy than you could ever imagine. Who knows, after you find the perfect land for you and start getting your hands dirty, you may want to leave your day job!

We have talked about how you can profit from a small plot of land as well as a bigger one. What about the in-between? 12 acres may sound too small for you while 100 acres seems too overwhelming. What about 50? 50 acres is a great amount of land to profit from and also have your own little space to relax. Sounds like it could be the best of both worlds! 

Environmental Factors of Vacant Land

What you can do with 50 acres of land really depends on what type of land it is. For example, 50 acres of wooded land would profit from different things than 50 acres of open fields would. Also, if there was some acreage with water on the land then there would be different ways to profit on that piece of land. When you are looking at land to purchase, think about what activities interest you. Below we will explain different ways you can profit from 50 acres, after reading through you should create a list or brainstorm what kind of land may be best for you based on the environment and the things you would like to use your land for.

Gardening on 50 Acres of Land

Are you looking at pieces of land near a decent sized city or town? Gardening or we can call it micro farming may be a good idea for you! Growing crops can be a fun way to get some dirt on your hands, bond with family, as well as make a profit! You can make a profit from gardening without having hundreds of acres of land. With a nearby city or small town, you can sell your crops to markets as well as have your own little farmer’s market. If you find a decent location with some room to set up some tables with crops, then you could make a lot of money selling to locals on the weekends. Another great addition to your crops could be canned goods that you make with the things you grow. For example, salsa, jams, and much more!

Start off your garden with four specialty crops. From there you can get a feel for how many you want to increase or decrease by. Make sure when you are looking for land to check out the soil and the climate to see what crops will grow best in your area. You can also drive around the town and see if there are any farmer’s markets you can get advice from and even work with!

Having a well-managed, micro-farm can put some pretty nice bills in your pockets. According to sources, just one acre of gardening could make you up to $100,000. This all depends on the local market and where you can sell your crops! Get ready to get on your hands and knees. You won’t believe how fulfilling the process is.

Beekeeping on 50 Acres of Land

There is a lot of buzz going around about how to make a profit from beekeeping. Your first step should be to plant a wide variety of flowers and fruit trees in an area on your undeveloped land. You can designate this area for some beehives and keep the bees yourself. Another idea would be to rent that area to beekeepers. Beekeeping is not for everyone, so renting to experienced beekeepers could be a great option for you.

Researching for beekeepers online will help you get in touch with some people of interest. You will not believe how many people post about looking for places to rent for hives. An acre of land with lots of flowers can host up to 10 hives and you can make up to $50 per hive. If we do the math, that can get you up to $500 per acre of land.  With 50 acres, you could make a decent amount of money and not to mention some tasty honey!

Growing Hemp on Land

We are sure you have heard all the talk about hemp and CBD. It is quite popular these days and definitely profitable if you have the time! Growing hemp will require a permit in most areas, but it is fairly simple to start a hemp farm! People are using hemp and CBD oil for many things now and the business is booming. You can grow the plant in a greenhouse or outside. When you grow hemp outdoors, it has the opportunity to grow much taller than it would in a greenhouse.

You can grow up to 1500 hemp plants per acre of developed land. The key to growing the plant is to keep an eye on it and make sure to send it to get tested every now and then to be aware of the amount of THC in the plant. You do not want to exceed 0.3% of THC because then it will no longer be designated as hemp. Harvested hemp can be sold for its fiber as well as its seeds, which can get you a profit from $50,000 to $100,000 per acre. Getting connected with a distributor could be a good idea as well to extract oil from the seeds and create CBD oil.

Hosting Hunting and Fishing on Your Land

Another great way to make a profit off of 50 acres of vacant land is to host hunters, fishers and even have a campground. You would be surprised how many hunters and fishers are interested in guided activities. Plant some trees if you don’t already have a decent wooded area. Once you have a habitable area of land, more animals will come. It can be beneficial to place some animals and birds on your land to be sure you have enough for a guided hunt. If you have a river, stock it with some fish and use it for fly fishing and pole fishing! These activities will not only be fun for you but will bring in people who love to hunt and fish. You can make anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000 from guided hunting and fishing.

If you are thinking about having a campground on your land without hunting and fishing, that could a be a good idea too! Tourists as well as locals who want an adventurous weekend will contact you to come camp on the land. You can charge anywhere from $10 to $100 a night based on the size of your campground.

50 acres of land can make you quite the paycheck and can also show you all that you can do with your own two hands. It is fulfilling in several ways!

It is always a good idea to check zoning laws as well as county rules and regulations before you do anything with your undeveloped land.

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