Simple & Fun Ways to Have a Happy 4th of July with Family

family having a fun 4th of july

Independence Day is easily one of the biggest national holidays in America. Every summer activity imaginable is available to you throughout the weekend, including picnics, fireworks, and family movie nights. If you own a parcel of land, you can host an epic celebration under an open sky everyone will remember. Below are some fun ideas for a happy 4th of July celebration with family and friends on a large parcel of land. 

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Outdoor BBQ

July 4th is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the great weather with family and friends. Having a fun little BBQ on your plot of land is a good holiday tradition to start. Of course, burgers and hot dogs are a must but don’t forget to throw in some festive drinks to cool off the heat. Also, design patriotic decorations and tablescapes to get everyone into the holiday vibe. 

Have a Picnic

If you’re planning to purchase a plot of land, think of all the types of picnics you can throw there. Under the July sun, you can gather your closest people and have them bring food and drinks. Throw some blankets, DIY decorations for the table, and you’ll delight everyone with a memorable and happy 4th of July feast. 

Try Camping

What is a 4th of July celebration without a good old campfire? If you own vacant land, just set up a tent and gather everyone around the firepit. Start it early so you can enjoy watching the sun set while you’re telling classic bonfire stories, roasting marshmallows, eating hot dogs, and signing to patriotic tunes. You can even stargaze before going to bed! 

Throw a Pool Party

Owning land has numerous perks. The best one is that you can customize it to suit your needs. For example, if your plot of land has a pool, why not use it to throw an epic Independence Day pool party? You can chill while sipping your favorite drinks and cool off with a good swim. This is also one of the best activities for kids who will undoubtedly have a fantastic time.

Throw the Ultimate Movie Night 

You’ve probably seen tons of unique and appealing setups for outdoor movie nights. The good news is that you too can create the perfect outdoor cinema with a little organization. Rent or buy the equipment and create cozy seating with pillows and blankets. Pick a patriotic movie that focuses on American history to get into the celebratory mood, grab the popcorn, and enjoy! You don’t have to limit yourself to one movie — instead, opt to have a marathon.

Host A Small & Safe Fireworks Display

Fireworks are the staple of any truly American Independence Day celebration. They are fun and colorful, and will surely elevate your celebration. Consumer fireworks are allowed in most countries, as they are designed for recreational use and are low-hazard. Check for any local guidelines and ensure you comply with them.  

Have a Fun Game Night in the Open

Patriotic games are one of the most fun 4th of July ideas. For example, you can host an Independence Day-themed bingo night or host an all-American-themed trivia. Pick the one you and your family enjoy the most and play it together. Moreover, you can set up various outdoor games and split up your guests into small groups. Consider games like darts, big Jenga, and lawn dice. Rotate through each game and keep score. In the end, the couple with the most victories is given a prize.

Host a Sports Competiton

If you’re looking to buy a large tract of land, you’ll be able to host annual soccer, baseball, or badminton tournaments. You can establish a tradition everyone is looking forward to. Participants will be entertained and can spend the entire day out in the open. Plus, you can add prizes for winners and schedule Independence Day-themed meals for the half-times.  

Set Up a Hot Dog Bar

Hot dogs are an indispensable part of any happy 4th of July party. So, if you want to surprise your guests and spice things up, consider setting up a hot dog bar on your property. You can create custom spreads and let your guests make their own delicious varieties. And if you’re willing to take the game a step further, host a hot dog eating competition.  

Host a Cocktail Party

You can throw a party and serve only beer and wine, sure, but why limit yourself when there are plenty of tasty cocktail recipes that can elevate your July 4th celebration? Sweet, tangy, and sour – there are numerous delicious recipes out there. Get creative and prepare red, white, and blue drinks to celebrate in style while beating the summer heat. 

Set Up a Photo Booth

You can use the more secluded part of your land to set up a photo booth. It’s a fantastic way to memorialize the day and create some social media-worthy content. You can have the guests use a holiday-themed frame and other patriotic props to take fun snaps that will last forever.  

Final Thoughts

Independence Day is always the summer’s highlight. It’s the perfect time to spend a day with your family while celebrating our great country. From camping and barbecuing to hosting a cocktail party or a movie night, there are plenty of simple activities for a happy 4th of July celebration you can do out in the open. Hopefully, we’ve managed to help you find some inspiration to get the party started. And if these options sound good, you might consider purchasing your own vacant lot and starting new traditions for this amazing summer holiday. 

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