Defining the Different Types of Land Use

Different Types of Land Use

Discount Lots wants to make buying land easy for everyone. Wouldn’t it be fun and simple if you could buy land today and do whatever you wanted to do on it tomorrow? We think so too, but unfortunately nothing is that easy. When purchasing land, it is crucial to know about land use specifics. Having…

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What Are the Different Kinds of Houses You Can Build on a Lot?

Houses Key

When searching for the perfect land to build on, you have to take into consideration the many types of houses there are. One reason to learn about the types of houses is for zoning purposes. Certain zoning laws will only allow for specific housing types. It is also helpful to have knowledge when it comes…

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What is Prepping & What Are the Best States for Living Off Grid?

What Is Prepping

Let’s talk about prepping. Why do people prep? How do they prep? Are there better places than others to prep in? First of all, being prepared is always smart in any aspect of life. You may have only heard of people prepping for some crazy zombie apocalypse, but that is actually the last thing most…

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25 Ways to Make Money from Your Land Investment

Money from Your Land Investment

According to NBC News, one in four Americans think about money daily. This makes sense because many people spend the majority of their time working for money. As it buys us our necessities as well as the finer things in life. This means when people think about investing in land, many wonder how they can…

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Rezoning in California

Rezoning in California

We all know California just keeps growing. With more people coming to the state, California will have to accommodate. For many years, there has been issues regarding a lack of affordable housing in the state. Although job opportunities continue to increase and the population continues to grow, housing options have not kept pace. Fixing the…

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How to Profit From 50 Acres of Land

How to Profit from 50 Acres of Land

Buying vacant land is a lot to think about, but it is also an incredible opportunity. Many people buy land to have a retreat and a peaceful place to spend their spare time. A lot of other people buy land to make a profit from it. While there are many different things to do on your land to make…

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How Much Does the Average Acre of Vacant Land in California Cost?

Average Acre of Vacant Land in California

California is known for its huge size, tourist attractions, weather, wine-tasting regions, mountains, beaches, and substantial land to explore. With all these perks, it is becoming a very popular state to buy vacant land in. With the size and variety of land for sale available in California, there are plenty of great soils and terrains…

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How Much Does the Average Acre of Vacant Land in Florida Cost?

Acre of Vacant Land in Florida

When you think of Florida, you are probably thinking of warm and sunny beaches with beautiful views. What’s not to love about that? Many people are looking to buy rural land in Florida because of its flat landscapes and sunny climate. Do not forget about its variety of land that includes beaches, wetlands, and pine…

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What Can You Do with 100 Acres of Land?

100 Acres of Land

So, you are thinking about buying undeveloped land, and you are wondering how much land you should buy? We know that it can be very overwhelming to purchase a large plot of land or even a small one. You can use vacant land for more than you can imagine. The amount of land you decide…

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How Much Does the Average Acre of Vacant Land In Texas Cost?

Acre of Vacant Land in Texa

Texas, the Lonestar state, is an extremely popular state to purchase undeveloped land in. The landscape is beautiful and there is a lot of room to explore! You’ll find plenty of fields, mountains and hills that can provide great opportunities for freedom, investment, a retreat, something to pass along, and much more. The options are…

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